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    New User Guide List?

    Is there anywhere i can find a new user guide? I just got the game, and LOVE the graphics (have it on 1600x1200, max detail, max AA...), But i'm sorta disoriented as to where things are, what kind of quests i can find early on, and how i progress through skill trees.

    Mostly the skill thing (im a stickler for building a character, so i like to know whats ahead before i start...). Thanks in advance!

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    There is a wealth of information on the main page of this site, maps, professions, armour sets, skills, etc.

    Welcome to Guild Wars.

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    The Character Advancement Guide is a really good place to start.
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    I do think that a list of quests/trainers and what items should be hoarded in pre-sear. I've been trying to compile a list... so far I have quite a few quests... and I found a list for where most of the trainers are. Any input on items to keep would be good tho.

    Chantal do you think somthing like that would be worth stickying (SP?)

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