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    Bug: Divinity Coast

    When doing this mission, all gose well - but once you have to 'cleanes your self in the Fountain of Thruth' there are 3 monsters. Once you get to the fountain I see a White Mantle Abbot that is a friend, and 3 monters around the foutain. When you go to kill the monsters, they some how heal their self, but after watching the white mantle, he was healing them! Inless they are healing them self's, but be FOR the foutin there is the 3 same monsters and they don't heal. So why is he healing them? it takes longer to kill them but i don't think that this white mantel iis supposted to heal them? sorry if this is a reoist in this mission

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    That sounds very odd. I hope that's not a bug. I can't really tell you without having people confirm this.

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    IT was probably just the "Heal Area" spell which heals everybody in the area, firends and enemies a like (Monks have this skill too)

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