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    Need help with a solo, PvE ONLY Ele build, please

    Hello, all,

    I'm trying to make a PvE solo/hench-using Elementalist.

    I don't really want to go Fire... frankly Air, (Lightning), is my first choice, followed by Water, (Ice)... MAYBE Earth.

    Is it possible to make a strong PvE ONLY, solo'ing, (with Henchie help), Elementalist that is NOT Fire?

    Most everything I read seems to be fire, fire, fire. Admittedly it's the best damage and appears to have the most AoE's, so it's not like I don't understand this... but I just want something different and am wondering if anyone can offer assistance for a build that would suit my tastes.

    As for a secondary... <shrugs>... who knows? I had planned to put 12 into Energy Storage and 12 into whichever element line I take... so that leaves only 3 points into something else. Not sure ANY other secondary would be particularly effective with only 3 points into a line... however... a NoOb I am for sure and could be totally off base here ... that's where YOU folks come in :)

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    Thanks much.

    Take care,
    Magus Daruma
    Proud Member Of
    Odin's Hammer

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    Air does most damage thats not AoE. I would definitely pick Air first. As for water... thats more geared toward PvP, slowing down people, and doing less damage. Earth can do alot of damage, but I would still pick air first. As for your plan of putting 12 into Energy storage and the element, I would go with the 10/10/11 scheme. 10 into Element, 10 into Other, and 11 into Energy storage. With the elementalists armor, you can get +1 into the element or +1 in the Energy Storage and after that have runes. Thats what I suggest. Im a Air/Water Elem.

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