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    The Nitty Gritty on Beastmaster Attribute

    Ok i've searched around the internet on the actual benefits of investing attrib points into beastmaster and here is what one person had to say.

    "A pet can be very powerfull, with no points invested in beast at all. As a matter of fact beast will probably end up giving you a less powerfull pet then if you boosted wilderness for instance since you can get healing spring, which will heal both your pet, and any other party members/allies and minions you have.

    Pets can be usefull in pvp as well. The most usefull ability a pet has is disrupting lunge by far. This will destroy a spellcaster big time. Disrupting lunge, and beast again needs no points to be effective. And since most players don't bother to target a pet anyway, this makes them even more effective."

    Personally i think he's full of it because they should pretty much take the beastmaster skill out of the game if it were true. Furthermore he goes on saying that increased points in beastmaster skill just increases your pet's chance to do a critical hit but not how much damage he does. So a level 10 beastmaster will kill an enemy 10 percent faster than a level 0 beastmaster. LOL Please tell me this guy is smoking the ganga.

    If any of you rangers here have some light to shed on the subject i'm all ears.

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    Another thought. Currently i have 9 in beast and 4 in marksmanship. Is it worth even keeping a pet around if i flip those points. So a 9 in marksmanship and a 4 in beast. Many people have been saying the difference between a level 10beast master and a level 5 is minimal. Thoughts?

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    i have 11 in beast 11 in wilderness and i think 8 in marksmen and yes the my pet does more dmg than if i had 1 point in it. If you use any beastlord pet skills then yes it will be directly effected. There is almost no point in having the pet if you do not have points in it. Since my pet can lunge and heal itself and i have 11 in beastmater he can heal himself for almost 50hp, and i have many of times been the last one standing in a mission cause of this.

    Now for PvP, i have now experince myself so you should base off of what these other people say.

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    using a combination of wilderness skills (traps, spirits etc...) with beast master wielding a wand and focus could potentially be very effective. Give at least half your skill bar to pet skills, personally i would go with a 5-3 split weighted your pet's way. That means you have charm, a pet heal, and 3 attacks for your pet, then maybe 1 or 2 trap or spirit skills and finally take either healing spring, troll ungent or apply poison and carry a bow on switch.

    So you basically set traps, let your pet run wild with its cheap costing skills and either keep yourself alive with one of the two healing skills above or play dangerously and switch to your bow and poison everything with an ice duration thanks to high wilderness.

    To balance this build you can potentially take monk as secondary and use either protection or healing to support your pet and drop the wilderness stuff. (in this case a monk primary might work better using protect, beast mastery and some in smiting so you can help out damage wise or just go with healing or divine thingy so your protections will heal some on casting.)

    It's viable if you play it right but pet interrupts etc... are harder to time so you are better with straight damage or effect applying skills rather than ones that need to be timed.

    Don't rely on any opinion you receive or unsupported claims about how skills effect things, only rely on personal experience and what works for you. Chances are your skill level in comparision to others will allow you to utilise certain skills more effectively than others and vice versa.

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