First of all i am an El/Mo

Ok, today I wasted 2 more hours trying to do the thunderhead mission. I must have tried this mission more than 10 times so far... almost everytime the warriors in the group rush to next groups within seconds of killing the previous group. I mean seriously, do you think we regenerate 70 energy in less than 5 seconds or something? And ok , forget the elementalist, think of the poor monk trying to keep you alive. I am not anrgy at warriors in general. I am angry at some noobs that think there will always be a healer with infinite energy keeping them alive.

my guildmates are still pretty far from thunderhead to help and I really dont wanna drag some friends to help when I know they are busy with HoH etc.
Why is it so hard to get ppl with brains on random groups ? :(

the moral conclusion: NEVER expect to get a good random group for a hard mission :(

This is not a whine post. Its a plea to all warriors. Please remember some ppl back there need to regenerate once in a while.