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Thread: R/E and R/Me

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    Deimos Phobos

    R/E and R/Me

    Hello everybody I have a question regarding R/E and R/Me. Would any of you be kind enough to tell me the advantages/disadvantages and the roles between these two types? Much thanks! :happy34:

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    Ashi Skar
    IMHO, R/Me is a combo to play, I'm only level 11, so I don't know all of the spells, but subbing mesmer enables you to take care of yourself better in the field. For example, i fyou're having trouble with a melee enemy getting in your face you can use spells like Empathy to damage it, then follow up with Phantasm to do even more damage. Not to mention you can use Immagined Burden and Pin Down together to gimp your enemy, allowing you to land shots easyer. Hope that helps.

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    GWOnline.Net Member pryzmatik2's Avatar

    I too am stuck between ele or mes for 2ndary on my ranger.

    If i were to go ele, i'd go with Mark of Rodgort / Conjure Flame, because my end bow will be a max damage fiery bow (or kindle arrows / ignite arrows would work), but I just noticed the elite skill Incendiary Arrows, which is pretty much an even better, energy-cheaper version of Mark of Rodgort, and a fiery bow is not needed. However, mark of rodgort lasts ALOT longer than incendiary arrows, with enough points into fire magic.

    If i went with mesmer, I'd use the obvious phantasm, possibly backfire to annoy the casters, but apart from this I don't see a skill that would benefit a ranger (I've haven't the time to look at all the mesmer skills but I'll do so when I have the time)

    Decisions decisions.. :(

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    I havent really seen alot of disadvantages of my R/E "Firebomber" build. Early on, he had a tendency to get worked because he simply couldnt do enough damage fast enough. But once I leveled up to about 10 or 11 he really started dropping some knowledge. I focused on Expertise, Marksmanship, and Fire (10 attribute points apiece) with 5 att points to Wilderness survival. Still have to worry about slowing the enemy or blinding him or running etc if you solo (I hate pets) but if you've got a burly tank stopping the enemy advance, just him em with immolation and Read winds/Ignite arrows combos until they've stopped twitching. I seriously love this build because you can sit back and not only act as a spell disruptor but effectively support your front lines too.

    Also have seen some gnarly wind ELEs used with a primary ranger. Havent seen any Earth ELEs though and very few waters. if anybody has a good build for those please post.

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