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    Need advice on PvE Ele/Mes

    going to be a Ele/Mes (PVE)
    need opinions on which skills to get

    i sorta wanted to go fire + air, not really sure how well that would work or if any mesmer skills would help

    currently thinking
    - chain lightning
    - lightning orb
    - lightning strike
    - elemental attunement
    - phoenix
    - meteor shower ??
    and not sure for the remaining two...

    any suggestions appreciated :)

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    Looks to me like youve got some good skills there. Looks good to me. For the last two, try some of your mesmer skills.

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    Yes, definately fit in some mesmer skills at the last, otherwise theres no point to having a second profession. I haven't worked with mesmers myself, so I can't give you much advise with them. Only advise I have is to head to the mesmer board and ask their opinion.

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    I personally would just stick to fire+air and ignore mes entirely. That way, your point distribution would go into fire, air, and energy storage. IMO going 4 attributes is just a waste of points...it's better to be a master of one than a jack of all traits.

    I'm making a fire+earth e/mes, and I love her. I'm happy I'm ignoring mes, although I'll probably make a seperate mes.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. :happy34:

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    for the last 2 put in Inspiration mesmer skills, such as Energy Tap, or even Drain Energy, because with that build, ur gunna run out of energy fast. maybe adding a Manta... well, just experiment with stuff.
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