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    Leaving your Guild

    Hi all:

    As a complete noob (and Guild-less), I was bored one evening and decided to see how starting a Guild would be. Fine, I'm now leader of The Black Phantoms... trouble is, I've now bumped into some old mates from Planetside who are in an established Guild. How do I leave my own Guild? Can I? I suspect the only way is to Invite someone, Promote them to Leader and then Leave...?

    TIA for your help

    PS: If you want to join a noob Guild, whisper Nick Shadow ingame

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    I was planning to start my own guild too, so instead of starting a new thread:

    What do you need to do to start a guild? What level does your character need to be, and where do you go?

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    Hit the G key and click the little icon next to your name. Then hit leave my guild.

    To start a guild, go to the Guild Registrar in town. He will set you up.

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    Hey Dacar, thanks :)

    Now Guild-less hehe

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