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    Some suggestions to make it better

    these are just suggestions off the things ive seen... i dont know if they have already been suggested either and i dont know if the knowledge i have gathered is true but here goes,

    1. When you try to insert a sword pommel for example on a sword that already has one in it then it should tell you which one you are replacing exactly. What i mean by that is show you which stat you are replacing not just show you that it already has one in it that will be overwritten when you put your new one in.

    2. I have read a few posts and topics on the Damage Reduced warrior armors/runes. Here is what I get from the posts ive read. Again i dont know if these are true.

    - When you wear a piece of knights armor for example the damage reduce is universal, meaning it effects all hit locations.

    - if you have 2 pieces or more of knights armor on then you only get the damage reduce benefit from 1 piece (meaning they dont stack). making getting more then one piece of knights armor pointless. just get something with better stats and 1 piece of knights.

    - absorb rune and knights armor doesnt stack so if you want good armor and absorb just get the rune and plate armor. again making it pointless to even touch knights armor since absorb runes are easy to get anyways through auction or finding.

    - minor absorb rune has the same damage reduction as a piece of knights armor (-2 to damage taken)

    - sup absorb rune gives -4 to damage taken

    If those things are true then this should be changed or atleast made public (offically) so people will realize that knights armor is put into the game for no reason other then looks


    make knights armor give -1 damage for each piece you wear. So if you have the set on you get -5 to damage taken giving you more damage reduce then the sup absorb rune can making it atleast worth some value. People like the look of having all of the same type of armor on. Please dont make us not match.

    With that said maybe on the hero window (when you press "h") show your total absorb in a box of its own on that window.

    3. Not sure if this is a glitch or not but when making a PVP warrior it gives you the option to wear dragon armor. But it looks like wyvern armor. Maybe this is a bug I have on my end i dont know. If it does look like dragon armor to others id like to suggest that it be changed to wyvern armor or plate and have the look of wyvern armor or plate (high end plate/wyvern armor has the same stats as dragon). meaning when making a pvp character none of the 15 plat per piece armors should be avalable.. those are hard earned in PvE for the look and making that look avalable to people who create lvl 20 pvp characters have access to the look kinda takes away from its visual value when PvE people do decide to pvp.

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    What!? You're kidding on the knight armor, right?

    Great, now I have to find a new chest piece.


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