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    Question 8 questions by a pre-noob. (Cant find answers anywhere)


    I have a few questions, that I hope somebody will answer. It's for my first character, but it is all theory, because I don't have the game yet.

    1) How long can you stall choosing your secondary profession? Because I don't have a clue which to choose. I don't know what will be the major weakness of the char and it will be built around an elite skill, so it takes very long to know the energy curve

    2) Do you need to farm or do a quest over and over to become "Über"? For example for one skill or item?

    3) Is sacrifice going to be worse later on the game, because you pay more hitpoints?

    4) Can you kill yourself with dark aura?

    5) Are there any tactics in a random pvp battle? Or is it more the kind of everybody for himself. You just don't have to kill the guys that are on your team.

    6) Is it possible to stay far away from combat in pvp? I won't mind to flee the scene a lot. As long as i can do my role. I just need to be in range to cast spells on the allied spellcasters.

    7) What is the range of soul reaping? Is it the same as spells? (It has to be gigantic to work for me for what I'm planning now.)

    8) Is it true that there is a maximum de-/regeneration for hitpoints and energy? And if there is one. How much is it? (I saw somewhere the number 10 but he wasn't sure and nobody could confirm it.)

    Thanks for anwering these questions.

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    1, You can tryout each of the secondary professions before choosing, also you do not have to have a secondary profession, or you could choose a secondary profession and just not use it.

    2, The aim of the game is not to become Uber. Some skills are offered as a reward for completing certain quests, so you may be more motivated to do those. The intention of the game was to remove the need for grinding and farming, think of it as more a Role Playing game.

    3 and 4, Yes

    5, Depends on the team, someone might target call. The best tactic is to all focus on one member of the enemy until they are dead.

    6, Yes, if you just want to support your team with buffing or healing you can stay behind them. However watchout for Sprinting Warriors collapsing the pocket.

    7, Soul Reaping is about double the range of most spells. It is very useful in PvE but not so useful in PvP.

    8, The maximum is 10 pips of Regen/Degen. One pip of Energy is 0.33 energy per second, 1 pip of Life is 2 life per second.

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    Only number 1 needs additional explanation, you can actually hold off choosing a secondary until you reach ascension. By most casual player reckoning, this point in the game is at least 2 or 3 weeks into the game.

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