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Thread: Help with war

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    Help with war

    Well anyways ai got a W/N and i was wanting to know if i need alot of Strength i dont wanna be placing pts where i dont need it so im asking if i dont need str where can i put it?

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    GWOnline.Net Member TW III's Avatar

    Strength is good. It gives AP for all your attack skills and Power Attack and Sprint are skills I use in every one of my warrior builds.

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    Actually, strength is one of the worst primary attributes IMO. On my W/N, I just went with 3 strength/12 axe/12 blood magic for the best effect from my healing spells and the most damage from my axe.

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    I'm a warrior/nec and focus alot on soloing and PvE.the build works well in PvP but not as well as PvE.
    Strength 9 (modded with +1 str on knights helm(also get effect from wyvern))
    Swordmanship 9
    Tactics 8 (modded with minor tactics rune +1)
    Death Magic 7
    Curses 7

    My Soul Feast heals me for 157health and Parasitic Bond heals me for 72hp every 20sec or if the creature dies.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Hunt3r_kill4's Avatar

    You dont have to worry about misplacing skills, you could always refund them. Anyways, I would say around 5-7 into strength for a decent shield and armor prenetration, rest into Axe/Sword and Blood/Death

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