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    Ele / Mnk

    Hi guys..
    Im creating a new Elementalist / Monk and need a little advice.. I became an elementalist for the primary skill and the bigger energy pool and Im planning to become a full-fledged monk sometime in the future.. That is, I plan to invest points in my secondary healing and protection attributes, and some points in my Water attribute so that I can cast defensive spells and slow down enemies for my team mates...im planning to embark on a purely supportive route with as little attack as possible when Im in a party....

    Is this a good idea? Or am I better off just becoming a primary monk? If I do become a monk, whats a good secondary? Are healing/protective spells very much weaker because I started off as a primary Elementalist?

    Any feedback is much appreciated!~~ Thanks!~

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    It looks like you might be better off with a Monk / Elementalist in this case. Your energy pool will only really be bigger if you invest heavily into energy storage attribute. The rate is +3 energy for every rank. Meanwhile, monks have a primary attribute that adds extra healing onto every spell they cast.

    It comes down to choosing what you want to do more. If its healing, then obviously monk is going to a better primary choice. While an Elementalist primary could heal (although for less then a monk), damage, hex, and maybe buff a little. Either way I think the water line would make for an excellent choice, but I am slightly biased. :clap:

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    I'm currently a Mo/E and I have to say after playing almost every combination, that I like this one the best. Lots of research that i've done has shown me that a damage oriented monk/ele is a lot better than an EMo or any other kind of build.

    The three main skills i'm doing is:

    Healing Prayers

    I also put the rest into:

    Divine Favor

    What confuses most people is the math behind the numbers.. The object for a player or a group is to kill a MoB in the quickest and most efficient way.

    Protection prayers, my friends, is not the way.

    Keeping your party alive is important... but the damage that you produce from Fire/Smite and Water magic is far more productive than any protection prayer you could ever cast.

    Quite simply, a MoB can't hurt you if its already dead.

    Go with a Mo/E... the items a Monk receives are a lot more effective than the items an elementalist gets. And the bonuses that you'll receive from them will help keep your group alive.

    Remember: Adapt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamazon The Wild
    Lots of research that i've done has shown me that a damage oriented monk/ele is a lot better than an EMo or any other kind of build.
    care to elaborate a bit on this ? you mean you can deliver more dmg with a mo/ele than an ele/whatever ? i hardly believe you can outdamage a full fledged pyromancer or aeromancer for aoe/single target damage respectively.

    also how do to split attributes ?
    i mean you mention 5 of them. as far as i know there is now way to be really good on 2 and fairly effective on 3 more unless i am missing something. I think the 10-10-8-8 attribute pattern is already stretched enough, how do you split your points amongst 5 attributes and still be effective in all 5 ?

    Also if you wanna go damage-mode why do you choose water ? we all know that water is the weakest when it comes to damage.

    and last but no least, as a mo/ele you dont have energy storage ? how do you manage not getting out of energy ? (killing fast is nice but sometimes it just wont happen due to various reasons, what happens then ?)

    But sure, feel free to convince us otherwise :)

    Also one last note, i would hate to start a mission with only a primary monk only to find out he is concerned with dmg and not healing :) remember , mobs are not always dying fast, especially in the end game missions.
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