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Thread: Axe Help

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    Axe Help

    Went Axe and like it a lot but having trouble finding Axe upgrades. Anyone know of any places to find good Axe's?


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    Uhh... Dropwise: The Fissure of Woe. You get a lot of Chaos axes there.
    Otherwise, the drops are even... There is no specific place that I can think of bar Fissure.

    Basically... Just go to Lion's.

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    Thanks, will try that. Looks like it is coming up soon for me anyways. Was just wondering if any quests or collectors had anything worth while but seems not. :(

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    So... Where is the Fissure of woe?

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    rpgtraders.net i belive this site can help u find any upgrades u need if u have the gold

    PS.All Your Base Are Belong To Us :D

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    Yeah.. Yeah... rpgtraders.com

    OK... So where is the Fissure of woe?

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    Temple of Ages... A long northwest trek from Lion's Arch.

    WARNING: It costs 1000 gold for the party to enter it.

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