Ok i am trying to build a UNIQUE build that not many people are using...I havent seen many of these builds in the game...I was going to make a war/monk but wen i reached crystal desert almost everyone was a war/monk so i tried out this....It seems to work out great.actually i love it at least in pve. Here are my stats right now and my skills...the only thing i lack right now is an elite and i want u guyz to help me with that part...thanks for everything guyz..here it is


strength 10
axe mastery 11 +1 with helm
wilderness surviaval 11

apply poison
cyclone axe
resurection sig?? or swift chop
penetrating blow
bezerkers stance
troll urgent

I am also getting a max damage axe...and i am thinking of upgrading it with a vamparic hilt +2 reg but -1 degen..Im thing that will work well with cyclone axe later on if i get stuck..and axe grip of fortitude..looking over +25...thanks again and critique the build if u want..just help me with my elite

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