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    What is the best Warrior armor?

    Knight Armor vs. Gladiator Armor vs. Dragon Armor

    I am using the 3 armor sets available in the PvP creation since I haven't seen the end game armor yet in PvE.

    Knight Armor has a 80 def rating, +10 vs. physical attacks and reduced damage.

    Gladiator has 80 def rating, +20 vs. physical attacks and energy.

    Dragon Armor has 85 def rating and +10 vs. physical attacks.

    Now ignoring the energy bonus on the gladiators (which is very nice for my W/M) which one of these pieces will give the best over all protection.

    Dragon armor set has +25 more base defense compared to the other two.

    Gladiator set has a +40 (approx. disregarding helm) vs. physical attacks defense more then Knight and +20 (subtracting the +5 more base defense Dragon has) vs. physical attack more Dragon.

    Knight set has the same base def rating as Gladitor but with reduced damage.

    I guess my main question is what is the ratio of def to damage reduction?

    Would the +25 base defense of the Dragon armor surpass the damage reduction of the 5 (or 4) Knight pieces?

    And would the +40 def vs. physical attacks of Gladiator (which is only about +15 or + 20 more defense overall then the Dragon armor) be better then both pieces.

    Someone please help me out here. Thanks for any input.

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    Well, your first mistake is that you're comparing armor as a set. Since damage isn't applied to the entire set - just whatever piece is being hit - you can't add all your pieces of armor together for a "grand total". It just doesn't work that way.

    Since your chest piece takes damage more often than the other pieces, let's use that as an example.

    Knight's Cuirass:
    80AL +10AL vs. physical, lessen received damage
    Armor rating vs. physical: 90
    Armor rating vs. magic: 80
    Platemail Cuirass:
    85AL +10AL vs. physical
    Armor rating vs. physical: 95
    Armor rating vs. magic: 85
    Gladiator's Breastplate:
    80AL +20AL vs. physical, +3 energy
    Armor rating vs. physical: 100
    Armor rating vs. magic: 80
    So, regarding the armor rating only, Platemail has the best defense against magic attacks, while gladiator's has the best defense against physical attacks. Now, while Knight's armor has the worst AL ratings vs. both types of attacks, it has the inherent effect of lowering the damage of a successful attack against you. How much it reduces damage is currently just speculation.

    All you have to do is consider what is most important to you, and go with the appropriate armor.

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    Can someone that has used all of those attest to whether or not the 5-15 armor level differences actually matter in the big scheme of things?

    The whole mystery behind the "reduce damage" line also throws me for a loop. I really don't have a clue how much that helps out.

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    I've always thought platemail was 80 AL + 20 vs physical.

    Anyways, the rdeuced damage reduces damage by a very small amount. Like 2 or something.

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    Depends on what type of warrior you are using

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourDeathByMe
    Depends on what type of warrior you are using
    Care to elaborate on that cryptic statement?

    Specifically, what do you mean by "type of warrior"?

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    Gladiator for most everything.

    Knights if you need the damage reduction, i.e. main tank for a mission, etc.

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    damage reduced on knights is 3 i think

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    Thank you for all the feedback.

    If knight has a 3 point damage reduction (assuming it is correct) would the extra +10 vs. physical attack of Gladiator equal out in terms of overall protection.

    Still looking for a ratio of defense to damage reduction if anyone knows.

    E.G. 10 def = 1 point of damage reduction or some such values

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaziurra
    I've always thought platemail was 80 AL + 20 vs physical.
    Nope, those specs I posted are straight from Droknar's Forge (in-game, not off some outdated site).

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