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Thread: I can't decide!

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    I can't decide!

    Ok, so my first character was a N/R, it seemed kinda cool to me, like some kind of death druid or something. I got to about level 12 and realized that I had not used any of my ranger skills for a while, as I had not found them useful. I had dumped my pet cause it sucked and stopped using bows cause I wanted some tasty energy bonuses. Even though I was very successful with that character (people were complimenting me and saying that actually knew how to play the class) I have rerolled him after deciding to go with N/Ele instead. The problem is that now that I have an actually useful secondary, I cant just distribute points into my necro skills and I cannot decide the direction I want to go. I love curses like suffering and shadow of fear which I have had a lot of success with, but I also love exploiting corpses and stealing health....
    What should I do?

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    Just spec for pure Necro. You don't have to use your secondary class skills, infact a lot of people don't. Just go with what feels right; what you like to play.

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    You know, I'm a Necro/Ranger. I only use Rangering for having a pet. I have a few points put into beast mastery, and the rest pretty much go into Blood/Death magic. I only have charm animal and comfort pet as ranger skills, and the rest are necro. This has been working out tremendously for me (even though it is my first character) :D

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