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Thread: Farming Area?

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    Farming Area?

    A little while ago I was at Granite Citadel and heard a player pronounce that the platemail epic set was not hard to get.... when he can farm for 12k an hour. Upon asking him where he he did this, he responded with "level 16 mobs and I do the runs in under 1 minute". Asking him further yielded little response, so i'm questioning whether he was ego-boosting/bluffing or being serious.

    I'm farming wreckages (sand drake area) and can make about 6k an hour, but that's still quite a bit of time to spend obtaining my remaining 2 pieces of the dragon set. I've been told riverside and sanctum cay were good locations, but you need 2-3 people to successfully pull it off... Not compatible with a soloist type.

    Does anyone know where this "magical farming location" could be? Or possibly a better spot than my 6k an hour?
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    With my lvl 20 War/Ele I make about 12k per hour on pure sell items. With tradeables the profit really racks up. The secret? Lvl 24 Flesh Golems. Right outside of Ember Light Camp in Perdition Rock, head right and begin slaughtering them. Aside from Faintheartedness and Lingering Curse, they really don't pose a threat. Also be aware that they possess Animate Bone Minions and Taste of Death, so try to kill them all at same time.

    I personally run the following.

    Zealous Chaos Axe 6-28

    Cyclone Axe
    Disrupting Chop
    "Watch Yourself!"
    Gladiator's Defense *elite*
    Healing Signet
    Shield Stance
    Ward Against Melee

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    Flesh Golems

    I have been farming flesh Golems as a Warrior/Necro (as many have, heh). I use a viable build, I will not claim it is the "best" build, however I pull 4 groups of Flesh Golems at a time when possible (12-15 mobs) and end the fight will close to full health.

    My Build

    Base Build

    11 Axe Mastery
    9 Curses
    8 Blood Magic
    3 Tactics

    Skills and Spells

    1 - Bonnetti's Defense
    2 - Cyclone Axe
    3 - Life Transfer
    4 - Life Siphon
    5 - Parasidic Bond
    6 - Suffering
    7 - Mark of Pain
    8 - Unholy Feast


    Full Knights Armor
    Shocking Axe of Fortitude (A vamperic or Zealous axe would make this eaiser, not required however)
    Instead of a shield I use a Crim Cesta that is + 10 energy, +43 Hp's and improves adreneline refresh. (So I have 30 power, you will need to get your power to 30 using "something" scroll, cesta, whatever you can get.


    I'll run agro'ing the first groups to the right as you leave the zone, if the boss around the corner is up in his crevace, I will continue on, hugging the right cliff and agro the two groups near the bridge, then begin fighting, if the boss is in agro range, I stop and fight the first 2 groups, then proceed to the bridge.

    Spell Order

    Once I stop and the mobs are all grouped around me, I will

    - Cast Parasidic Bond on 3 Mobs (15 eng)
    - Cast Unholy Feast (this will put you at full health, or close) (10 eng)
    - Cyclone Axe (5 eng)

    Once you use Cyclone Axe Bonetti's will be up quickly.....

    - Bonetti's ( you will fill to 30 eng in 2 sec's)
    - Life Transfer 1 target (10 eng)
    - Life Siphon another target (10 eng)
    - Cyclone axe (5 eng)
    - Cyclone Axe (5 eng)
    - Bonetti's
    -Suffering (15 eng)
    -Mark of Pain (10 eng)
    - Cyclone axe (5 eng)
    - Bonetti's ....Then repeat this process from the start

    It will take you about 3-4 minutes to take all the mobs down, when you have spare energy throw out Parasidic Bonds on diff mobs, even the minions, this will give you 84 point heals when it wheres off.

    Loot, pull the Golems across the bridge and then agro the Flesh Golems north of the bridge, repeat this process. Enjoy your rewards =).

    My only complaint is they don't drop runes =(.


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    Lol that was me that said that:) and no i wont share my spot i know it wont get nerfed since good items dont drop its just a gold farming spot i use.

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    Go near Fisherman's Haven or Sanctum Cay and kill the first 2 or 3 groups, run to town, repeat, until you have a pretty full inventory. Salvage the items that you know salvage to result in more valuable materials, then sell off the rest, except for the purple/gold items (save those to sell later). Keep doing this until you have a large amount of salvaged hard to get materials, then go and sell off the materials and what ever purple or gold items that you found. This normally results in 10k+ per hour.

    Seeing that it takes from one to five minutes for me to kill the 2 to 3 spawns that are near the entrance by myself and the fact that the drops are pretty good, it makes for a pretty good way for me to make money. You just need to know what items net what materials when salvaged to increase your net profits. Also, you need to get accustomed to what other people will pay for purple/gold items. I find that selling for a little below average prices results in you being able to sell off your items and get back to killing faster, rather than wasting large amounts of time while holding back for higher prices.

    I also have another spot that nets slightly more money, but I am reluctant to release that spot.

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    Kaeru Bakaru
    whenever people post their farming techs they bound to disappear.

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    Bane Of Lhaigne


    Quote Originally Posted by DuckManParkey
    Lol that was me that said that:) and no i wont share my spot i know it wont get nerfed since good items dont drop its just a gold farming spot i use.

    Lol is the fact that there are people like you who ejaculate over posting "i have this.." and then sayin "...but im not tellin" for fear of nerfing. Your post is pathetically annoying.

    Peepz... if you're not gonna share info, take note... "share"... then stpo yourselves from becoming more of a jerk and dont post.

    :happy14: :clap: :happy65:

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    but why? I didnt think that Arenanet was against farming. Or have i misunderstood it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarion Silverhand
    but why? I didnt think that Arenanet was against farming. Or have i misunderstood it?

    that is what they say, but then when a major update comes out, popular builds and locations are always "fixed." For example, changes to Divine Boon and othe monk skills, changes to mobs in twin serpents lake, addition of creatures to the UW, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarion Silverhand
    but why? I didnt think that Arenanet was against farming. Or have i misunderstood it?
    What I understood is that they are against solo farming but not against team farming... (cf The Almighty Frog)

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