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    GW not an MMO, don't expect MMO play

    Just my two cents, but I se a lot of negative posts lately.
    It seems many of these still come from players comparing this game to UO/WOW/D2.. O.o

    Since beta I always considered this game a hybrid.. with much more in common with Halo/UT and other Team based FPS's..

    FPS............................................... GW
    Chat with hundreds in a room.................Same, Chat in Town
    Get members for Deatmatch...................Same, we call it PvP
    Create Clan.........................................Same, Guild
    Engage 4-16 team Deathmatch..............Same, 4 or 8 Deathmatch
    Shoot enemy/capture flag.....................Same, except u use swords/spells
    Do co-op Mission vs CPU.......................Same, We call that PvE

    Pick up weapons in playing field..............PvE for a week or two for Weapons

    The "grind" in this game is pretty short.. which is why I got it.
    A-net promised the game would be talent based, and other than a measly two week grind it pretty much is..

    I play this game for the same reasons I play Halo.. Every one has the same advantages when you play deathmatch.. no lvl 208 toon that played for a year whom you can't hope to beat.. just skillz and teamwork.

    This game is not an MMO by any means anymore than an FPS.. (Imagine if u had to do missions in FPS's to get the Rocket Launcher/Snpier Kits?)
    ++But it does blur the lines a bit..

    A-net, Keep up the good work! :happy14:

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I get your point but I think I would say it is more of a nontraditional MMO. I really enjoy this game as well. I enjoyed the early parts of EQ and DAOC (Thidranki was so much more fun then the Frontier ) but I detested the whole endgame UBER contest that those games evolved into where only people who put thousands of hours into the game were competitive in pvp and/or desireable in guilds and high level play. I don't see GW going that path and I hope that it stays that way.

    On a side note, I tried EQ2 as well but I'm baffled why they didn't include some form of PvP. I got bored with only PvE after a couple months.
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    Moyae Taloo
    Im totally agree with u bro, diablo's team did a good work once again and i think this game own any other for the simple reason, pvp = skillz and not grinding stuff all week.

    Im coming from WoW and got sick on how blizzard messed that game so much, no good pvp and late on what they promised, battleground.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    In America's Army, you have to complete training missions to get cool weapons. You have to shoot a 40 out of 40 on the rifle range to get the sniper rifle.

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    The comparison of GW to an FPS is just as asinine, if not mroe so, than comparing it to WoW or any other MMO. There is nothing more in common with FPS than with MMORPGs. FPS are far more fast paced and have an entirely different set up. Are there quests? No. Missions? Not in online play unless its modded in. Are you limited to a certain number of items out of dozens of them? Not normally. Are your abilities based on attributes? In some mods, otherwise no.
    MMOs: quests? yes. Missions? Some. Attribute based skill system? All of them I have seen. There is NOTHING GW has in common with an FPS that the standard MMO doesn't have. And msot FPS DO NOT HAVE CHAT, NONE. Chat is an entirely seperate function, they havn't built chat protocols into FPS since the mid-90s. GwW has a different set up than most mmos, but that is what it shares the most similarities with. For me, it reminds me more of the general hack and slash RPG, specifically of the arcade Gauntlet Legends I played.

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    I would say it is an MMO, just not as much an RPG as most people claim. MMO DOES stand for Massive Multiplayer Online, and without a doubt this game has that in spades (this would be the only game I'm aware of that spans the globe and lets teams from the Eastern part of the globe fight against the Western part). While there is a story (a very good one, compared to most other online games), this game is more PvP oriented and should be looked at as a mass competition. Truly, it will be a few years and a half dozen expansions before this could be called an RPG, for sheer length and complete and continuous story.

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    this is clearly an rpg more in the lines of Nox and dungeon seige

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Terms and definitions change and evolve, GW is just the next step in the evolution of the phrase "Massively Multiplayer On-line Roleplaying Game".

    If this had no on-line component, people would call it an RPG (just like they classify Diablo, Nox, Baldur's Gate as RPGs).

    It's an on-line game and it is massively multiplayer.

    So, yeah, just because it is missing hardcore grinding like EQ does not mean it is not an MMORPG, it just means it is a different KIND of MMORPG.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lord Zado's Avatar

    It is what it is...Why do people feel the need to classify everything?

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    It is what it is...Why do people feel the need to classify everything?
    Amen... :happy65: :happy65: :happy65:

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