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    Necromancer Elite Skill Locations

    Ok guys, let's all focus our energys on this one thread. People need to know where skills are, and every location of a skill. As you find skills(elite and non), please post them and I will keep this top thread updated. I would like to start with just the elites. Screenies are welcome! A good website for loading screenshots is www.echo.cx

    As a reference for areas when people post skill/boss locations, I will get a link up of the world map for you guys.

    Aura of the Lich- Maligo Libens (Hell's Precipice)

    Blood is Power- Cry Darkday (Snake Dance)

    Feast of Corruption- Maw the Mountain Heart (Dreadnaughts Drift)

    Grenth's Balance- Facet of Darkness (Dragon's Lair)

    Life Transfer- Feodor The Baneful (Iron Mines of Moladune)
    Agyrus The Scoundrel (Thunderhead Keep)
    Sarlic the Judge (Abaddon's Mouth)
    Odelyn The Displeased (Ring of Fire)

    Lingering Curse- Grenth's Cursed (Perdition Rock)

    Offering of Blood- Riine Windrot (Thunderhead Keep)
    Tonfor Copperblood(Lornar's Pass)

    Order of the Vampire- Necro Boss (Thirsty River)

    Plague Signet- Karobo Dimdim (Witman's Folly)

    Soul Leech- Possibly Abaddon's Mouth somewhere

    Spiteful Spirit- Night Spinechill (Talus Chute)
    Ceru Gloomrunner (Iron Mines of Moladune)
    Shadowlord Vogris (Fissure of Woe)

    Tainted Flesh- Dosakaru Fevertouch (Perdition Rock)

    Virulence- Mossk Rottail (Bloodstone Fen)
    Unthub Rotwood (Frozen Forest)

    Well of Power- Nhy Darkclaw (Mineral Springs)
    Unknown Name(Abadon's Mouth mission boss)

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    I cant seem to find Mineral Springs to get Well of Power...any tips?

    btw, incase any of these need confirmation... i just captured Plague Signet from the listed boss in Witmans Folley.

    EDIT: Karobo Dimdim also has: Life Siphon, Chilblains, and Signet of Agony
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    Perhaps a general idea of where the bosses are on the map would be useful too. As i cannot seem to find the Dosakaru Fevertouch anywhere on Perdition Rock, and I really want Tainted Flesh.

    I know Night Spinechill took me forever to find because hes on the zig zag path that goes to the outpost just north of draknors forge(sp?)

    And a few others were frustrating to find as well.

    And if this is a new topic(im assuming it is) you have perfect timing as I was just about to start exploring areas for those elites that are not listed yet. ^^

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    GWOnline.Net Member AnarkiNet's Avatar

    yeah actually i was about to do the same :)

    Karabo Dimdim is nearly due north of Port Sledge, you have to jog east around a cliff but he is very close to the town.

    TheQuickness, tell me your charachter name ingame and we can search together, ive just been running around with henchies right now.

    Im a lvl 20 W/N or W/Mo who goes by Forsaken Mesaana.

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    GWOnline.Net Member UndeadBehlial's Avatar

    The elites I posted were taken directly from GWOnline.net's database. I just wanted everyone to see where we stand as a community on finding these skills, I personally am working on ascension of my highest level, so I havent visited all of these bosses. Keep in mind, however, that in certain areas, there can be a "pool" of 2+ bosses that can spawn. Meaning in the location that I saw Karabo Dimdim, on your run you see a different boss.

    Mineral Springs is north of the Copperhammer Mines, or NE of The Granit Citadel (southern shiverpeaks basically, post ascension)

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    GWOnline.Net Member AnarkiNet's Avatar

    ive found it using this map:
    *map edited out* sorry! no outside links. GWOnline.net has the same map though :)

    major warning, this is a 2mb image...its probably best if you right click and "save as" so you wont destroy whoever is hosting this every time you go to it :P

    also, is it a good idea to add to the list, what type of monster the boss is?
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    Ic Spyderz
    wow i was looking for a map, and thats one of the best i've seen.

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    My character is Pamela Isley N/Mo20 if anyone wants to search any areas for bosses wisper me, thats probably what I will be doing any ways.

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    Lol I thought this elite was SURE to be listed already but I guess its not.

    Order of the Vampire - Necro Heroes in Thirsty river....cant remember their names but thats where i got the skill.

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    Feast of Corruption - Maw the Mountain Heart (Dreadnaughts Drift)

    Well of Power can also be captured in Abaddon's Mouth. Don't remember the bosses name right now, but you run into him if you are doing the mission.

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