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    Having the "not a valid win32 application" problem?

    Well, first of all-- I admit it... I saw someone in Ascalon City District 1 today advertising something about a god-mode hack and I was suckered in. God I am such an idiot.

    I freaked out. This thing was one of the worst virii i have seen in awhile. Any executable programs will error and can no longer be opened (thats just about 80% of your computer)

    I have not found a way too delete this. But I have found a way too bypass it.

    Presuming you use XP, all you have to do is right click on whatever you want too open, click Run As, Click on the option "The following user". Type in your Username and Password and hit okay, it will open successfully

    if this is a known virus and someone here knows how too fix it, please fill me in.

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    as i recall, that's a trick you pull by changing the registry association of .exe to open with something other than itself...

    i recommend you do a system restore to a time before you ran that thing. getting it out of your system now and getting it back into a normal condition could be incredibly difficult.

    EDIT: that is, removing it MANUALLY could be difficult. if the system restore is successful, it should be an extremely easy way to get it back to normal.

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