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Thread: The Pet FAQ

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    The Pet FAQ

    The following Pets are currently tameable. (Levels shall be posted when I find out what they all are. If you have a full list of pet levels please PM me them.)
    Thank you Gamma Ray and Superflyfly for the information.

    Tyrian Pets:
    • Strider - Ascalon fields (Pre-Searing) - Level 2
    • Moa Bird - Ascalon fields (Post-Searing) - Level 3
    • Bear - Lornar's Pass (Post-Searing) - Level 5
    • Desert Lizard - Amnoon Oasis (Post-Searing) - Level 5
    • Melandru's Stalker - Reagent Valley (Pre-Searing), Old Ascalon* (Post-Searing) - Level 5
    • Lynx - Kryta Areas (Post-Searing) - Level 5
    • Warthog - Northernlands (Pre-Searing), Denravi Areas (Post-Searing), Northern Kryta area (Post-Searing) - Level 5
    • Wolf - Ascalon Fields, Reagent Valley (Pre-Searing) - Level 2, Shiverpeaks (Post-Searing) - Level 5 (Note: Southern Shiverpeaks level 15 Eder wolves can also be caught)
    • Dire Spider Underworld (quest reward) - Level 20

    * - There's only one on the map, to the far West, near Gate Guard Hollis (entrance to the Breach).

    Canthan Pet's:
    • Tigers
    • Cranes
    • Reef Lurkers***
    • Black Moa*
    • Phoenix**

    * From The Beak of Darkness quest from Rutger zu Heltzer, the moa is unevolved.
    ** Found in the Final Mission of Cantha
    *** It is possible to tame the Elder Crabs in the Boreas Sebed mission that arrive in Daeman's group.

    More info on Pet looks, area's of capture (more detailed) etc can be found in the Lore forum in This Thread

    Catching a Spider

    Xandlyn's guide to Evolving a Dire Pet
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    Credit goes to Everyone who partook in the on going pet tests, Hahnsoo for putting this thing together and GammaRay+Son Of Rah for all the information and help they've given.

    And now, Hahnsoo's guide (yes...another one...:lol: )

    Last updated on June 24, 2006

    "The nice and concise Pet FAQ"

    Note: Much of this information was originally gleaned from the work by GammaRay and SonOfRah. Further research was done by Jenosavel and Epinephrine. The research is still going on in this matter, so stay tuned.

    A) Pet Damage Mechanics
    Increasing Beast Mastery increases the damage done by an Animal Companion, in a similar manner as Marksmanship and other weapon skills. In other words, a Beast Mastery of 12 will allow a pet to do full damage to a target with an AL of 60. Each point of Beast Mastery "offsets" 5 points of AL, and 40 points of AL doubles/halves the damage in each direction. Points above 12 Beast Mastery undergo diminishing returns. In general, if you multiply your Beast Mastery by 5, and it equals your opponent's Armor Level, then your pet will do full damage. This means that sinking no points into beast mastery will effectively halve or quarter the base damage done by your pet.

    The base damage dealt by a pet (unmodified by its evolution) correlates well with its level. A level 3 pet deals 3-5 damage, while a level 20 pet deals 17-28 damage. However, it seems that in the case of critical hits, pets can deal a varying amount of damage (i.e. it is not always the maximum base damage of the pet). Beast Mastery attribute values and evolution adjusts this damage.

    All pets get 20 AL + 3 AL per level, so at level 20, Pets have a base Armor Level of 80. Pets start with a health of 80 at level 1 and increase by 20 per level. This Health value is adjusted based on evolution.

    It seems that pet choice is a mostly matter of cosmetic preferance rather than a matter of strategy. The only main difference is that each pet does a different kind of damage, based on its type.

    Pet Damage Types
    * Black Bear - slashing
    * Lizard - piercing
    * Lynx/Stalker - slashing
    * Moa Bird - slashing
    * Snow Wolf/Wolf - slashing
    * Spider - piercing
    * Strider - slashing
    * Warthog - slashing
    Note that previously it was listed that Striders and Warthogs had different damage types. This has been subsquently proven to be slashing instead. (Thanks to Jenosavel and Epinephrine)

    Canthan Pet damage types are unknown so far, but probably match their Tyrian counterparts.

    Pets cannot cause Bleeding, Poison, or other conditions without the aid of a Pet attack skill. Thus, the Spider does NOT cause poison, nor do Warthogs cause bleeding. These are just rumors.

    B) Pet Evolutions
    Occasionally when a pet levels up, it "evolves", changing its stats slightly. Evolutions do not change the appearance of a pet, although a pet will change size corresponding to its level. When a pet evolves, it will gain a prefix to its name (if you haven't renamed the pet using /petname or /namepet). Canthan pets cannot change size, apparently, although this may be a graphical bug.

    Pet Evolution Prefixes
    * Aggressive - about +5% Damage, -30 Health
    * Dire - about +15% Damage, -60 Health
    * Elder - +0 Damage, +0 Health
    * Hearty - about -15% Damage, +60 Health
    * Playful -about -5% Damage, +30 Health

    Exhaustive attempts to prove that an Elder pet is better than other Evolutions have been proven to be false. Elder pets seem to be the equivalent of unevolved pets.

    The damage bonus (or penalty) from an Evolution isn't an exact number, but rather a percentage multiplier that increases/decreases damage, with the percent changing as a pet levels up. At level 20, with a Hearty/Dire evolution, this percent is close to 15%.

    Pets typically evolve at around level 10-13 and have a second evolution at around level 15-17. More evolutions can happen, however, depending on unknown parameters. Although the "paths" of evolution aren't fully known, a few have been discovered:
    * Pet -> Playful -> Hearty -> Elder
    * Pet -> Playful -> Elder (?)
    * Pet -> Aggressive -> Dire
    * Pet -> Aggressive -> Elder (?)

    It is thought that letting the pet take a lot of hits makes the pet into a Hearty or Playful evolution, while letting the pet deal a lot of damage (compared to the master) in combat gives it an Aggressive or Dire evolution. Once on an evolution "path", you can't go back.

    Note that there used to be a trick in which folks would charm a pet, cancel the charm before it finishes, and have the hostile animal kill them repeatedly near a shrine. After a couple of hours, the pet will have gained enough XP to level up to 20, complete with Dire status. Unfortunately, this trick was removed in a June 2006 update which removed the ability for creatures to gain XP from killing characters.

    C) Charming a Pet
    Charm Animal the main skill in the Beast Mastery line. You only have a Pet if you have this skill equipped in your skillbar. To get a Pet, you must use Charm Animal on an appropriate animal. This immediately makes the animal hostile, so be sure you can survive its attack, and that your other party members don't attack the animal, killing it before it is charmed. The 10 second casting time is rather long, which makes charming an animal during combat impractical.

    Dismissing a Pet
    If you currently have a pet already, you CANNOT charm a new one. If you wish to change your pet, you need to hand it over to a tamer. The main tamer (Jarrel the Tamer) in Post-Searing Tyria is just outside the gates of Ascalon City. There is a Tamer next to Master Ranger Nente (who gives you Charm Animal for the Ranger subquest) in Pre-Searing Ascalon. In Factions, most of the major cities have a Tamer outside of it, including House Zu Heltzer and Shing Jea Monastery. You gain 100 gold for turning in a pet to the Tamer.

    What happens to my pet when I change classes?
    Nothing. Your pet will still be there if you change back to a Ranger secondary later on in the game. Your pet is never "gone" until you give it away to the tamer.

    List of Charmable Animals (Prophecies)
    * Dune Lizard (found in the Crystal Desert) Level 5
    * Warthog (found in the Maguuma Jungle, Pre-Searing Northlands)
    * Lynx (found in Kryta) Level 5
    * Stalker (ONLY found in Ascalon, near the Shrine of Melandru in Regent Valley
    Pre-Searing or near Gate Guard Hollis Post-Searing) Level 5
    * Snow Wolf (found in the Shiverpeaks) Level 5
    * Strider/Moa Bird (found in Ascalon) Level 2-3
    * Black Bear (found in the throughout the Southern Shiverpeaks) Level 5
    * Elder Wolf (The pet of "Thul the Bull" in Spearhead Peak) Level 15
    * Elder Black Widow Spider (Underworld) Level 20
    * Wolf (found in Pre-searing Lakeside County) Level 2

    List of Charmable Animals (Factions)
    * Tiger - Throughout Shing Jea island, Pongmei Valley
    * White Tiger - Between Tanglewood Copse and Arborstone
    * Crane - Throughout Shing Jea island, Pongmei Valley
    * Reef Lurker (red) - Around Cavalon
    * Reef Lurker (blue) - Shenzun Tunnels, Pongmei Valley
    * Black Moa Bird - Charmable after Beak of Darkness quest in House Zu Heltzer
    * Phoenix - Charmable after the last mission of the game in Divine Path

    How (NOT) to Charm a Pre-Searing Bear
    Black Bears in Pre-Searing Ascalon can be targeted with Charm Animal. However, they also possess a skill which allows them to break the charm attempt. In previous versions, one could capture the bear with a combination of Bane Signet, Hammer Bash, and Faintheartedness to keep it busy. However, it has recently been patched, so now it is nearly impossible to capture a pre-Searing Black Bear (research is still being done). Sorry, folks.

    Update: Apparently, some folks have been able to "trap" a Bear between a partner's pet and themselves, allowing the Ranger to Charm the Bear because the bear would not be able to move into range to use Break Charm. The research continues...

    Update: Another method is to have the Bear attack a friend, and have that friend run away from you. You activate Charm Animal just as the Bear is leaving your skill range, and the Bear will continue to follow the friend. When it comes time to "Break Charm", the bear will not be able to interrupt you.

    Finding an Elder Black Widow
    Elder Black Widows are a special pet that can only be found in the Underworld. They are made available after you get the chest quest reward for the quest "Wrathful Spirits". This quest is given by the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale, who appears after finishing the quest "Restoring of the Monuments" from the Reaper of the Labyrinth.

    I've taken the liberty of making a map of the beginning part of the Underworld, which you can find at this link (Imageshack.us hosting):

    Full Details on how to get a Black Widow spider are in this thread:

    I want to charm a Rabbit/Devourer/Swarm of Bees/(insert animal here)!
    Sorry, you can't. The only pets that can be charmed are listed above on the table.

    Factions: What about the Pandas?
    A lot of folks have asked about Pandas in Cantha. The official line that I've read is that it is illegal in a certain populous country (the Panda is indigenous to this country) to portray a Panda being mutilated or killed, even in a video game. Thus, it would have made things difficult for Guild Wars to be sold in this country. The end result is that Pandas can't be captured to be used as pets (and potential meat shields). This makes me wonder about the Panda combatant in the Tekken series of fighting games. Or any other game with cartoon Pandas, for that matter.

    D) Miscellany
    Pets gain XP at the same rate as their master, but it is prorated by their level. This is only important when the Pet's level is different from the Master's level... a 20th level character killing a 13th level creature will get zero XP, but his 13th level pet will get 100 XP from the kill. Apparently, pets can learn through osmosis. Even more disturbing is the fact that pets gain XP while they are dead. So don't worry if your pet dies during a mission and you can't raise him... it is still leveling up along with you. Pets do not "count" as a henchmen for the purposes of XP or Loot Drops, similar to Necromancer Minions.

    You can rename your pet using the /namepet (Pet Name) or /petname (Pet Name) emote. If you just type /namepet without a name, then it will revert to its original name and you can see what evolution the pet has currently.

    Pets CANNOT be raised by a normal Resurrection skill or the Resurrection Signet. They can only be raised by Comfort Animal or Revive Animal.

    Overall, any combat skill possessed by the ranger is duplicated in the Beast Mastery line as a "Pet Attack", a special attack that is executed by the pet. In general, these attacks are extremely cheap in Energy (even more so with Expertise) and Cooldown Time, and have effects that equal or exceed existing attacks. The only disadvantage is that they require a pet to execute.

    Beast Mastery tends to hog a lot of space on the skillbar. Between Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, and Pet attack skills, it is difficult to squeeze in anything other than Beast Master skills when focusing on this attribute. Given the general ineffectiveness of Animal Companions in the late PvE game (although the June 29th update gives them the equivalent of infused armor, thus keeping them alive when you are up against the Mursaat) and the fact that pets need to be kept alive to make use of them in PvP, many Rangers skimp their points on this attribute by the time they reach Lion's Arch or beyond.

    In the 9/29/05 update, you are now able to see the damage that your pet is doing. Also, Pet Attacks now function just like Shouts.

    Some Skill Notes
    * If you are having problems tanking with your pet, use Otyugh's Cry to increase its armor by 20 and Call of Protection to increase its damage absorption. You can also use Symbiotic Bond to increase the pet's damage capacity at the expense of your health.
    * Ferocious Strike (Elite) is the ONLY Elite skill in Prophecies available for pets. It is captured from Thul the Bull. It gives you Energy and Adrenaline when it hits.
    * Factions has added a new Elite, called Enraged Lunge. This skill adds an enormous amount damage if you have several Beast Mastery skills recharging, including itself. One easy way to make several Beast Mastery skills recharge is to activate Tiger's Fury.
    * There are several utility skills that also are linked to Beast Mastery: Edge of Extinction, Fertile Season, Symbiosis, and the popular Tiger's Fury. Be sure to check them out.

    What is B/P?
    There is a popular team farming build used in a few areas (most notably the new Hall of Heroes and Sorrow's Furnace) called B/P or "Barrage/Pet" which essentially uses the Pet as a meatshield and as corpse fodder for a Minion Master. This build, while popularly advertised in many outposts and missions, generally is not effective outside a B/P farming team. The Minions block enemies and deal damage alongside the pets (which you rez as soon as you see it has been exploited), while the Barrage Rangers keep up a stream of arrows against the groups. Typically, you have a monk for backup healing, an Orders Necromancer to increase Barrage damage, and at least two Rangers with Concussion Shot when doing Hall of Heroes (to shutdown certain party-killing spellcasters). One Ranger brings Winnowing, another brings Favorable Winds. The advantages of this build is speed (a well-tuned group can clear the Hall of Heroes in about 40 minutes or less), resistance to dropped players (only the Minion Master is really essential) and low complexity of pick up groups (easy in a pick-up-group to find the requisite members... just one MM, one Monk, and a whole lot of Rangers).

    Do bears attack slower than other pets? Are they tougher?
    Yes, they attack slower, but not by much. The reason is because they have a special attack called Brutal Mauling. It is unknown what this attack does, but it adds a slight delay every so often at random intervals to the Bear's attack speed. In general, though, you are going to lose maybe 1 attack every minute, so the reduction in speed is minimal, but present.

    It is not known whether or not Bears have more armor or health than other pets. One report showed that wild Bears take less damage than wild Wolves, but it has not been live-tested on a captured Bear.

    E) References and Related Links
    The Big GWOnline Pet thread: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/showthread.php?t=346751
    Discussion thread for the Pet FAQ: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/showthread.php?t=356416
    SonOfRah's Armor thread: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/showthread.php?t=350048
    Devek's post on catching a spider: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/showthread.php?t=351180
    Show off your pet thread: http://guildwars.incgamers.comt/showthread.php?t=352352

    This FAQ is excerpted from hahnsoo's Ranger Guide.ine.net/showthread.php?t=351180
    Show off your pet thread: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/showthread.php?t=352352

    This FAQ is excerpted from hahnsoo's Ranger Guide.
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