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    build advice please

    Working on my build for pvp. I'm a mes/mo, trying to go for anti monk (or other caster) build.

    Current attributes are
    Fast Casting: 9
    Domination: 14
    Inspiration 10

    So far I've got:
    Power Block
    Energy Tap
    Energy Burn
    Restore Life

    I'm torn what to do with the other three slots. I'm considering:
    -Hex Breaker (protect me), Remove hex (cheap, quick recharge, remove from everyone), or Shatter Hex (remove and damage, expensive though).
    -Ether Feast (take a bit of pressure off monks)
    -Arcane Echo
    -Shatter Enchantment
    -A cheap hex to cover Backfire
    -Blackout (hit a monk with that after power block ends)

    Arcane echo would probably be used with shatter enchant, but that gets to be energy intensive and I'm not sure Energy Tap will be able to cover the needed energy costs.

    Have people found energy burn to be effective? It's a quick 80 damage and energy drain for me, but seems like there might be better ways to take out monks.

    Any advice? Changes? Help please!

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    Energy Burn is a nice skill. Medium cost, for fair damage and energy burning.

    Typically I would be more prone to put it in an Energy Denial build, but it would seem to work fine with yours.

    As for your 3 slots, I'd say Shatter Enchantment is a good addition. Enchantments are pesky and everywhere, and it lets you take em away while damaging the target, wasting their time and energy, and damaging them.

    I think Restore Life will work ok with your level of Fast Casting. You wont be standing in one spot for too long.

    Taking along one utility stance wouldnt be a horrible idea, the /Mo in your name is liable to earn you some attention so Hex Breaker would probably find some use, and at only 5 energy that skill is a heck of a bargain for its Duration and use. I'd say this would be the slot for Ether Feast or Hex Breaker or some other defensive based skill.

    Probably go offensive with the third option, though you could pick a more supportive skill if you wanted, like Spirit of Failure or Empathy or something along those lines. Whatever you pick you dont want it to be too expensive of a cost. Not many options that fit left in Domination except for interupts and Wastrels, which you could manage to use well in the setup.

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    Thank you, that was very helpful. I think I am going to try Shatter Enchantment, Hex Breaker, and Ether Feast for my remaining three spots. We'll see how it works!

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