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    Oh WOW

    I just watched the E3 Video of War Machine (War) vs Negative Zero (n0), and all I can do is gape.

    Firstly, they move by clicking one millimeter in front of them, meanwhile I just use my arrow keys, or by the auto-move of tab+space.

    And you should see how many spells each guy has on them, and how efficient they chose their builds. I dont think I saw their "primary warrior"'s life ever really go below 50%, which is quite an effort. That was awesome to watch, but I dont think I'll ever be that obsessed. I hope that the Order of Dii wil be just as good someday

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    Where can I get it?

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    I don't understand, why would using the mouse to move be more efficient (I'm sure I'm missing somthing), but if you are casting a spell doesn't mouse movement cancel that spell?

    Also hunter I can't see the movie until tonight, what classes did they use... it sounds like 1 warr, and quite a few monks (or monk secondaries)

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    If you want to cancel your spells, moving that fraction of a step would be the way to do it. Sure you could tap your keyboard, but what else would you use your mouse for? Besides, sometimes the keyboard isn't as precise and you take a few steps, which could put you through the defending lines of tanks or into an AoE spell.

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    what PoV do they use? all the way zoomed out or first-person?

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    I know how you feel it was amazing both teams played really great oh and you can grab the video here:


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    To move, they continously clicked a little in front of them, that way they have the exact precision of the area they want to move to.

    IIRC, they had two W/Mo's, R/W, 2x Mo/??, E/??, and thats all I can remember. The developers were explaining their strategy, how they have a "primary" warrior and a secondary, and once the primary warrior is down, the secondary takes its place until its ressurected again.

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