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    Mistress Vaderess

    Virulence Has anyone got it yet?

    Hey all i'm having a lot of trouble trying to get the bosses listed on this site to cast this spell... has anyone successfully gotten it yet? if yes i would really appreciate your help thanks! :happy34:

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    Have you tried poisoning yourself?

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    Mistress Vaderess
    is tat possible? u mean it actually worked? and how do u poison urself theres a spell right?

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    I havent even been able to find the guy yet =(

    But yea thats the plan when I do. Mobs arent stupid they wont cast unneccessary spells. So the boss wouldnt cast Virulenc eunless it would do something, which means you need a condition on at least one of your party members. Poison is a condition that you can put on yourself as a necromancer so I think that would be the best bet here.

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    I remember capturing virulence from a scorpion Boss. In mountainess desert regions of Maguuma.

    Mossk Rottail (Bloodstone Fen)

    Weird, I don't remember it being near blood stone Fen but that's what this site says. All I remember was that he is a random boss and appears in the place of those tree stalkers which cast aftershock and stoning.

    I'm not in game right now but it was on the way from one city to another. From that city where the Magumma/Whitemantle knights are fighting right outside you travel to the next city. And you'll see either the tree stalker boss or the scorpion boss after you cross a chasm.
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    I went to this area to get Virulence for my new R/N and the skill has apparently been removed. After looking through the boards, this appears to have happened to a lot of the Elite skills that were captureable pre-ascension. I'm working on Ascending the character right now so I can pick the skill up.. Apply Poision + Pin Down + Virulence looked like a real warrior shut down to me, but it looks like I'll be waiting for that a bit longer.

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    I got Virulence from a Pinesoul boss. He spawns in the region between Iron Mines & Copper Mines. Wasn't anyt trouble getting him to use it. One of my favorite captures! I love the skill! ; )

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