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    Question any advice on my N/Mo Curses/Death Build?

    I'm looking at possible characters before I've gotten the game so please help me out and help me decide if this is gonna be a feasible thing to aim at. I'll mainly play PvE but I'll dabble in PvP occassionally i reckon. (also i don't know how many points you get but other builds i've seen have been about 30 total >.>). Thought i'd do this now cos i hate getting a fair way in to a game then deciding the whole basis for my character was lame.

    10 Curses
    10 Death
    10 Healing
    (considering taking some points into soul reaping)

    - Enfeeble (or Enfeebling Blood)
    - Mark of Pain
    - Plague Sending (or Plague Signet, or Plague Touch)
    - Shadow of Fear
    - Animate Bone Horror (maybe Fiends?)
    - Blood of the Master (i guess Vereta's Sacrifice when poss)
    - Soul Feast (or Taste of Death maybe)
    - Heal Other (or Orison of Healing... or maybe Word of Healing)

    Obviously the idea is to weaken the enemy until corpses start appearing then bring up a few minions and apply healing (to party and minions) where needed. So how about it? This a good thing to go on? any advice on improving it and any obvious weaknesses? Could points be distributed better cos i've not real basis behind my even distribution.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    In my opinion it's a new variation on the basic necro death build in a PvP tournement.

    What you should do, is replace 1 skill, any skill, i'd suggest shadow of fear, with insidious parasite, simply so you have a way to heal until as you said 'corpses' start to appear, other wise you will often end up being one of the corpse.
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    Magician Blaine
    I personally think that if you want minions, you want them high level or else their damage isn't that great and their low hp is killed by the degen. I would recommend specializing in only 2 skills (maxing them out) rather than having three. Curse is more useful in PvP than in PvE and Death is useful in both (IMO, although some people think it is only useful in PvE. :D

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