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    so last night in Fissure i decided id make a monk

    but not without preparation. i curently have no knowledge of the monk skill. i want to know what works best. from your experience not template or by the book guide. im not asking for numbers of attribute or skill either. please read.

    is it an obligation to have it as primarie? are elite skill not worth it?

    elementis can add to mana, viable option as primaries? only for mana not nuking

    or if elite skill are needed, should the other profession be:
    elementis add mana and manybe a little ranged damage
    Ranger suporting frontline from afar with counter and trap(im currently very good at this right now with my ranger/necro)
    Necro debilitation and healing(familiar with this one too like i said above)
    Mesmer whatever they do =)
    Warrior ? i dont plan to going fightning but maybe they have that one skill that can save someone

    what worked best for you and what do you wish you had taken?

    i realise theres probaly otherthread like this one but searching for monk or what should wont get me anything but random stuff and i wanted my very own ;)

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    try searching for 'secondary profession' or other variations of that.

    theres probably four or five on the first page right now.

    pick out what type of job you want to do and then decide.

    a mesmer will help you gain energy back with inspiration magic.

    a necro will give you the Well of Blood and Well of Power, which are GREAT tools because then you dont have to focus as much on the party, they just have 6 hp regen when they are near dead bodies :)

    warriors are actually good because of stances - balthazar's spirit and [what was that stance that helped you evade 75% of attacks?] allow for some REALLY good mana recovery if you are under attack.

    really, you can't mess up here.

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    thanks those are the kind of answers/sugestion i was looking for.

    also im going to look for other thread but im not much interested in the "ive looked at all the skills and think that..." by the book never realy work out well.

    with strong healing, what is missing the most as a suplement in your opinion? what do we never see but could use for. i dont want to be a cookie cutter template like everyone else. problem is ive only played a Ranger/Necro and have no experience of other class.
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    I have the same question, but I was wondering what would work best for an overall monk. I'd be focusing on both PVP and PVE with it. I may be mistaken, but it seems to be that the Mo/N would work better in PVE where there are tons of bodies, and the Mo/W on PVP would work better on PVP where you'd be taking some hits. Does this mean that the mesmer would be the "all around" of them both. I'm leaning towards choosing the mesmer since the use of spell-blocking skills is very handy even if I don't work on domination magic and the energy recov would help quite a bit.

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    smiting monk

    You can also completely ignore your second profession and focus on monk skills. The smiting line has some serious damaging spells, some of which work as defense/retaliation as well. I built my monk around healing and smiting and he's doing pretty good so far, able to solo most of post-searing ascalon at lvl 10.

    For this build I chose to pick ranger and get a pet to tank for me a little (because I feel lonely otherwise!), but I'm sure you could very well ditch the pet and fill the two skill slots with something else instead, like one of those damaging auras. damaging aura + fast healing = win.

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    I'm a monk/mesmer and usually focus just on monk skills. I rarely have any mesmer abilities in my skill bar. I've thought that I may have liked to have gone warrior just to have the sprint ability. Getting away quickly so that you can rez the party in the middle of a mission has some value. Channeling is a nice mesmer ability that I use sometimes, you sap 1 energy from surrounding enemies whenever you cast a spell. I really don't think there is any wrong way to go on a secondary. Just pick whatever you think will be the most fun. I could go into nice things about every one of the secondary classes possible.

    I must say that this is the most fun I've had playing a healer in a MMO.

    Be ready to deal with some grief. Some people blame the healer no matter what the situation. That fragile caster who loves to get in melee range and take a beating loves to criticize you on why you don't heal him when you spend more than half of your energy healing him every battle and he still takes damage too fast to be able to save everytime.

    Litha Dro
    20 monk
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