umm... are you guys playing the same game i am? the monk is definitely the coolest rpg healer i have seen. but at the same time playing monk is total trash and pretty much the only reason i am already losing interest in this otherwise really good game. everything i have said so bar is based just on pvp ill get to pve in a moment. when your in a pvp battle from the moment someone starts taking damage be it yourself or a teammate you look at your party window... and trying to keep yourself alive which is pretty damn hard to do. you are either going to have 8 guys all attacking you at once, or 6 or 7 guys attacking you or a teammate monk that you are trying to help keep healed never being able to take your eyes of the party window meanwhile trying to run away or "defend" yourself from the other 2 attacking you. its pretty damn stupid if you ask me. even if you do run across a really really stupid team that attacks your warriors ( b/c thats what they have to be to attack a freaking warrior... so called "tank" right?) you are STILL looking pretty much only at your party window playing the "redbar game" b/c i dont play guild wars.... oh no... i play this game with in a game called the redbar game. me on vent with my team all i pretty much do is yell at people if they are to far away for me to heal them and ask if we are winning... b/c i would never know. thats pretty much all pvp is... who can kill the monks first... maybe sometimes you will take a elementalist first b/c they go down so easy but bottom line..... its a game of who can kill the monks first.

oh and is pve much better? not really... i am use to rpg's that have "tanks" and i hear you guys use this word a lot and it confuses me... b/c there is no "taunt" skill, this is no way for a "TANK" to get aggro back if he loses it. there is only 1 thing you can do... and if you are with henchmen forget about it.... you have to send your warrior in way way ahead so he is the only one there for the mobs to attack first. then you gotta kinda sneak up and hope they dont pick you as a different target. if they do what do you do? well if you are henchmen you tank them... if you are in a real group you have to hope the guy is smart enough to run around till they pick a different target, running around the tank a few times should do the trick..... what the yell kind of agrro management is this? of i forgot my favorite way to keep aggro, and its for sure the most effective.... its "doorblocking" run up block the path way so the mobs have no where else to run.

so if there is something i am missing please enlighten me. i really hope the sad news isn't you all just really enjoy playing this "redbar" game. i just dont see how this can be exciting in the long run... its just the same thing over and over again "ok kill the monk" "ok next monk" and people yelling "give me target give me target" man i hate to say it but the game would be better without monks at all. maybe a good idea would be to lose the assist function. at least people would have to take the time to find their own damm targets.