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    Questions on monk skills

    healing wind says it lasts 10 seconds and gives 8 health regen. So that should heal for 80 health not counting in divine favour at 10 energy shoudn't it?

    Orison of healing heals for 60 at 5 energy.

    Wouldn't it be better to cast orison of healing twice if you could?

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    1 Pip of Regen = 2 Health.

    So its more like 16 health per second for 10 seconds = 160 health for 10 energy + (3.2 x Divine Favor level) = total health gained.

    Any heals cast on top of Healing Breeze is just more health added. So casting Orison on top of this really adds to a ton of health.

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    plus one advantage to healing breeze (in certain situations, it's an advantage) is that it spreads out the healing over time. that means that if someone is near full health but taking damage, you can hit him with that and it will keep healing him and keep him near max health (hopefully). with something like Heal Other, you have to cast it several times (waste of energy) or wait until his health is lower (dangerous) in order to get the same effect.

    unfortunately, those floating squid eyeball things can break enchantments, so breeze doesn't usually last very long. also, as someone said in another thread, enchantments can be bad if you are facing mesmers... i guess they can damage you if you are wearing them? you are wise to bring plenty of plain healing spells when you're around those sorts of enemies.

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    Enchantments are bad agains mesermers and necros because they both have skills that break the enchantments and deals damage after breaking it. The necs' version can even do AoE damage with it, and has several others that allow him to gain health or inflict conditions if you have an enchantment on you.
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    I see. Thank you for responding.

    I just use healing wind to make dwayna's kiss work better. And I wouldn't take it to a fight with those types of things you mentioned.

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    Take Dwaynas Kiss anyways, because the Wind Riders and such (thats their names) will cast multiple hexes on one guy, resulting in Dwaynas Kiss's second healing triggering (1-4 times due to 1-4 hexes on a guy).

    So your simple healing of 40 + 13 per enchant/hex (not correct numbers, but for an example) will become 40 + 13x4 = 40 + 52 = 92 health for 5 energy.

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    healing breeze*

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    I think the primary advantage of Healing Breeze is its ability to counter continuously applied DOTs. In PvE you'll encounter poison before you get either any useful condition removal (a 30s cooldown isn't useful). And even if you can clear a condition, it does little good when the condition is reapplied immediately (e.g. against a group of Maguuma Spiders you get poisoned and stay poisoned).

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