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Thread: Nerf Blind

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    Nerf Blind

    I'm sorry but blind is so retardedly over powered. 2 rangers can take out ANY melee build just by blinding them over and over.

    In my opinion, blind should reduce chances to hit by 50%, reduce damage by 33%, but increase attack speed by 33%, since you're blind.. you'll want to swing alittle my fiercely, yet inaccurately.

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    Wow.. two people can take out 1 person? Yeah that's insane.. :howdy:

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    He is partially right, tho, a single Air ele can destroy a warrior or ranger completely, not allowing them to deal any damage whatsoever by simply keeping them blinded.

    then again, its a condition, it can be removed. also, glimmering mark is a hex, also removable. there arent enough people that carry condition/hex removal out there (i know i dont).

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    neither do i, though i think i might bring one or the other instead of Aegis. but, for example, would you rather carry Remove Condition which may or may not be useful and which may or may not be necessary (note the difference), or carry Healing Seed which should definitely have a use, at least in PvM? i don't know how useful it is in PvP because i don't play a lot of that yet, but i can say that in PvM, you have a lot of people being physically attacked, and blinding just isn't that common.

    in PvP, it might be a good idea to bring Remove Condition / Mend Condition / whatever the hell it is that you can also use on yourself.

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    I don't understand this. For weeks we hear talking about the overpowered warrior and now there is a build that makes them totally useless and people are actually complaining?

    Every thought of the W/N with plague sending?

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    seriously.. if you're not ctrl clicking the blind icon so your monk can cast mend condition, then you need help.

    It's pretty standard in the pvp group I run with.

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    monks i play with 80% of the time are only using about 3 spells cause they are being chased around in circles.

    I honestly have a defense against blind, but it's completely retarded that you can just be blind over and over so easily.

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    90% of Warriors have Monk Secondary. They have Purge Signet, and a number of other Hex/Condition removals. If Blind is your weakness, bring something to counter it, it's just common sense.

    This is symptomatic of the biggest flaw in the builds that people play. They're all flashy damage, and not enough utility.

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    blind is the only real defense an elementalist has and even then only usefull when they play air elementalist

    air elementalists get pawned by fire elementalists so easely

    many people complain about wa/mo's being to powerfull and if a wa/mo is played right in pvp they always carry a mend ailement really fast recharge and gets rid of blind so easely
    also just take attacks along that can't be evaded or missed ;)

    a wa/mo loosing from an air elementalist just cause they cast blind alot means that the wa/mo made mistakes not taking the right skills

    or just get the monks to cast it any monk that doesn't pack mend ailement in pvp is foolish imho as it's one of the best spells a monk has

    purge conditions would be a good spell if it weren't for the really really long recharge time making it utterly useless

    people should be glad that alot of wa/mo's don't really use tactics but just keep bashing the target even when blinded

    blind isn't to powerfull imho it should last longer cause 9 secs at 11 air magic isn't nearly long enough :p

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    i agree that Element classes should have blind, that's a smart skill for them, but there are too many other classes that can render warriors USELESS.

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