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Thread: Good Necro weps

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    Good Necro weps

    Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but i don't think i saw any weapons threads. What's your best weapon for a necro? Tell it's stats, and if it's 1 handed, what you have for other hand.

    Currently i have a Bone Staff myself
    Energy +7
    Cold Damage: 7-12 (Req. 5 Death Magic)
    Damage +20% (customized)

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    I currently use a Defensive Accursed Staff of Fortitude.

    Energy +9
    10-19 Dmg
    Health +22
    Armor +5
    Two Handed

    However, I would like to switch to a one-hander to take advantage of my off hand. Any suggestions on this?

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    GWOnline.Net Member GoF's Avatar

    I am using:

    14-19 (8 blood magic)
    Improves speed of casting (5%) cool when this kicks in.

    Jewelled Challice I have a better one that I got from the collector in the desert
    but it needs high Inspiration and mine is not quite high enough

    +11 energy (9 illusion magic)
    armour +4 against ele attacks

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    GWOnline.Net Member Desmodas's Avatar

    I would love to see a decent weapon that uses Death Magic.

    I currently rely on bows since my Secondary is Ranger. If I could find a good Death Magic weapon I could take some points out of Marksmanship and put them to better use.

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    I am using
    Insightful Accursed Staff of Shelter (gold)
    11-22DMG (11 curse)
    +4 Energy
    +6 armour (vs. physical)
    and a 15% chance to do something that i forget

    oh ya and it's 2 handed.. i think i got one of the best weapons for a necro in the game too... max damage and pretty nifty upgrades on it

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    I'm using:

    Insightful Bone Staff of Fortitude (gold)
    Energy +10
    Cold Dmg: 11-22 (Req. 13 Death Magic)
    Improves Casting speed (Chance: 8%)
    Energy +5
    Health +20

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    Insightful Bone Staff of Fortitude
    Energy +10
    11-22 Cold Dmg
    Improves cast speed of death magic (20%)
    Improves recharge time of death magic (20%)
    Energy +3

    Grim Cesta
    +4 energy (hp above 50%)
    grim idol
    +11 energy
    +4 armor vs. Elemental attacks

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    Nahakra Brakhir
    i have a death cesta purple in my one hand, dealing a nice 11/22 damage, it also gives 4 energy, in my other hand a grim cesta, giving 14 energy

    also the grim cesta looks really cool, its a big armored hand, great for a necromancer, if i where you i would go for deatly cesta and grim cesta

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    I've never seen and off hand item with more than 12 energy, except bonus like 2 above 50% etc

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    Nahakra Brakhir
    Quote Originally Posted by Bruiser of Minoc
    I've never seen and off hand item with more than 12 energy, except bonus like 2 above 50% etc

    well i have a purple grim vesta, i dont know giving 11 energy from itself and ginving 3 energy from thingy on it :)

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