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    Salvaging/Identifying Question


    I have a question regarding unlocked items. So i find this unidentified falchion. I identify it with a identifying kit and it says i unlocked some kind of swordman hilt. All i see is a sword of fortitude. Am i suppose to expert salvage this to get the hilt or is this the hilt? (All i know is that when you unlock something you can use it for your PVP character) Thanks in advance.

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    It means that you if you salvage the weapon you will get a "Sword pommel of Fortitude" (maybe hilt!!!)- I don't know exactly if you have to expert salvage it though (I do because I'm afraid to screw up).

    Btw. look here http://www.gwonline.net/page.php?p=125
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    You actually have two options:
    1) You can use the sword as is. It has been modified with the hilt.
    2) You can use an expert salvage kit on the sword. In doing so, there is a chance (not 100%) that you will salvage the upgrade from the sword. You also may end up with common or rare crafting materials. Should you recover the upgrade you can then apply it to any sword of your choice. The new sword will become modified. Should you want to recover the upgrade again, use the expert salvage kit - however, there is a chance you will not salvage the upgrade.

    It is a risk but may be worth is should you have a better sword in your inventory.


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    :D woooohooo i got loads of sword things by salvaging my stuff

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    If you can afford to keep an expert salvage kit handy use it on all rare items - armours, etc... you will have a better chance to get that needed component or upgrade.

    After awhile you should have more than enough money to do so. :happy14:

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