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    How to counter the darn W/Me DOT.

    Mesmers have that spell around level 7-10. Its a DOT that freaking drops my health like crazy, i forget what its called.

    W/Me usually use it, is there a way to counter this spell or something? it owns me everytime.

    im a level 9 W/N btw.

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    Variety of ways really. 1) Remove it via the help of a Monk with Remove Hex/Convert Hexes, 2) fight it with your own HoT's like Life Siphon and Life Transfer, or 3) replace the hp you take with direct life steals like Vampiric Gaze/Touch. Of course you could just settle for the good ol 4) have a Monk heal you.

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    i think you mean Conjure Phantasm.

    It causes a maximum of 12 health degeneration or so for 5seconds.

    its indeed a powerfull dmg dealer, at a relative low energy cost and a virtual instant cast rate. To noly way to counter this perhaps it to activate as many life regenration skills before attacking him and getting hit. This way you can sorta balance out the negative effect. Most health regen skills outlast the 5sec from conjure phantasm.

    Next i think getting close and making sure he doesnt use to many spells on you any more. Knocking him down will keep him busy. Or if its possible try and get him dazed, then he cant cast stuff.

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    ^other way around 5 health degen over a max time of 12 seconds

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