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    Stacking weapon attributes

    If I have a wand that has 20% chance of quicker recharge on X skill and a Foci that has a 20% chance of quicker recharge on X, does that mean I have a 40% chance of quicker regarge when I use X skill? Or at most, chance of recharge caps at 20%?

    Does this also apply to other mods to weapon? i.e. if I cast a a spell to make enchantments last 10% longer and have a weapon that makes enchantments last 20% longer, would enchantments last 30% longer or would enchantments only defer to the 20%.

    I'm more interested in learning the answer to the first question.


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    GWOnline.Net Member majoho's Avatar

    Hmm if they are cumulative they should be 120% + (120% x 20%) = 144%

    But it could be they don't actually stack at all.

    But I'm probably wrong

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