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Thread: R/W or W/R

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    R/W or W/R

    I keep considering a Warrior Ranger.
    I have a nice build, but its strictly theoretical.

    Input would be appreciated.

    Build included below.


    Hunterís Shot
    Power Shot / Penetrating Attack
    Troll Unguent
    Read the Wind
    Spirit of Favorable Winds

    Strength - 9+1 (helm)
    Wilderness Survival - 9
    Marksmanship - 12

    And this is without runes in general

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    Use the armor of a warrior, and health if your rushed.
    Bow of a ranger.

    My main reason for posting such an idea.

    Please help.

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    Believe me it will NOT work.

    The reason is simple. Rangers need mana so heavily it's not even funny. You need expertise... with your warrior first, you will have a poorer mana pool than ranger first, which SUX like hell. My suggestion is to play Ranger first at least, if you want to use marksmanship.

    However, if you are doing warrior skills with a melee weapon, it will be different. With whirling defense, dodge, and apply poison (works with melee. yep) it can actually be quite nice.

    There are ppl who plays a caster class first (especially necromancer for further soul reaping +mana boost) and uses ranger skills mostly. N/R are pretty common. With caster first, you can enjoy the greater mana pool and regen for SURE :happy65: Hell, i am willing to play elementalist + ranger to boost mana, lolz.

    Also, remember that Marksman's Wager is expertise.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Beomagi's Avatar

    I use a w/r for meele with poison, skill regen speed, and unguent. Works like a charm.

    If i were to use him as a ranged attacker, i'd be investing in strength. Cause a w/r WILL do more damage than a r/w since he'd have the piercing ability.

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    Flurry and Frenzy won't stack, they're both stances. I'd go with Marksman's Wager in place of Flurry, because Frenzy lasts longer and your armour will mean you take a lot less damage than a ranger, even after the double damage effect. Marksman's Wager is still 12 seconds, regardless of Expertise, and with just 4 or 5 successful shots you're full energy again.

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    yea, that was my main problem, the mana pool
    A warrior cannot afford any spells really.

    I thought it might be a decent idea in order to obtain an insane armor penetration level. Always 5+%.

    Oh well, I usually talk myself out of doing this, but i couldn't remember, so i posted the idea.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    I'm a Ranger/Warrior and for a while i was completely lost in what to do and focus on.. Early on it was fine and i did well enough.. but then at around 10+ I Just xcouldnt cut it anymore, spreading myself to thinly between Tactics, Expertise, MArks, and Swords. It was just to mediocre all around. Now though, i think i may have found my Niche.. I'm basically an Energy Warrior In lighter Armor, Who uses alot of stances. It sounds so so.. but its quite fun and effective PVE wise, i havent had much chance PVP. With tons of Expertise, and melee weapon attribute focus(Basically the choice is yours... I use Axe for PVE but i'll probably go sword at 20) , and then tactics/Wilderness survival. By loading up on Energy attack skills, with a cranked up Expertise I can use them _alot_, without my energy going down all that much.. usually after going through a whole line of energy skills I'll only be maybe 2 or 3 ticks down from max.. and by then I'll have hit with Energy skills so Much - I'll have enough adrenaline built up along the way to Save up for one big Attack skills, or smaller ones throughout the energy skill combo. With a couple stances, 2 _maybe_ 3 depending on how you feel - though I like ot keep trollt urgent of course - you can keep a high evade/block going almost continually, Aswell as increased attack speed.

    Personally Im having hella fun with this now, but thats my 2cents really

    [edit] Thought 'd add in; Idealy aside from the attack skills I plan to keep
    Troll Urgent
    Lightning Reflexes
    **Gladiator's Defence(Warrior Elite Skill)/Balaned Stance
    Dryder's Defence
    +2-3 Energy Attack's
    +1 Adrenline attack
    +/or Apply Poison

    **Both of the above have only 30 second cooldowns, 5 energy cost, and are very defensive. Dependant on situation and preference. Gladiator general Melee counter, Balanced anti-hammer/knockdown
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