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Thread: Farming

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    Sorry for the lil noob question, farmer is kill mobs for get money and/or drops right?.

    For best sucefful u going whit henchies or not?.

    I have ear if u go w/o henchies u get more drops, but must be more diff, right?.

    Some advices plz.

    Thx in avance :love38:


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    If you want drops, you certainly don't go with henchies. Henchies get some of the loot as well and you won't be able to trade them for it. Farming, for gold or XP or items, is by definition done alone.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Sabrina's Avatar

    Ahhhh i see, thx for u answer.
    I have a W/N using sword, whit sword i can farm too?, coz i read most warriors using axes coz ciclone axe, hit numerous mobs.

    I must change to axe? or can farm good whit sword killing 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2-3?

    My warrior is only level 11 now, but i have a level 20 ranger/monk, i think ranger no very good for soloing, excep maybe for the pet tanking.

    Im having a lot funny playing my warrior, maybe is a nice char to solo?
    In the other side i prefer sword just for the look :)

    Some ppl say hundred sword (elite skill) is similar to ciclone axe ( far for my char) that is true?

    I love this game.

    Coz is pretty fun! and get a lot friends making mission, but sometimes ppl dun want invite me coz i cant health ----> no monk, no invite :(

    Well, i still whit my W/N swordman for now, trying to get some level and doing mission.

    Oh man Arena pvp is also soo funny.

    Well my main doub is if i can solo good whit sword and W/N :happy65:

    (Ah i dont have visit the underword coz europe never win :/, only coreans and americans ppl, we must change that soon =)

    My best regards to all us lovers GW. Greetings. :happy65:


    P.D. (Sorry, i can't speak english properly coz is not my mother language, i hope u can understand what i try to say)
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    GWOnline.Net Member Ivy's Avatar

    Well, as far as It goes everyone can farm :) It doesn't matter what your build are you'll always find a way around to get those monster. Like farm a certain place for a while and you'll eventually get used to it.

    Anyway it's always fun to farm with a friend and come up with new stategy, and having to know someone is there to back you up.

    If you want to team up with me to farm then my char' name is: Hellen Iceforge ;)

    Happy Hunting

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    so far my best farmer is w/mo
    altho w/n wsnt bad at all(i switched second)
    i saw ppl farming nicly with ranger ele

    i usualy farm sand drakes
    but if u want runes u go to divinity coast(im not sure if this is correct uits the town with that eye mission that follows u)
    u basicly kill all etins and all drakes
    good thing about that is that etins will swarm on the eye itself instead of u so u dont have to be a huge tank to kill them

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