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    How much is "nearby"?

    I read that Aftershock attacks "nearby" foes and Crystal Wave attacks foes "near you".Does that mean I have to be next to the enemies in order for them to suffer damage or I can attack from distance?Thanks in advance.

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    You have to be next to them

    /Aire :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aire
    You have to be next to them

    /Aire :)
    Yes and no,there are ranged spells that hit nearby targets...

    Fireball for example,as it states,target foe and nearby foes are struck for XX fire damage.

    This means it is a ranged spell,but hits foe as well as nearby targets (the definition on nearby in this case differ from spell to spell,whereas earthquake has a humongous "nearby" area effect,and other spells almost require foes to sit on each others shoulders for it to work.

    not sure if this is what you meant though by your question of "nearby".

    a rule of thumb for the spells you need to be close to foes to work:

    "Adjacent": this means,in 9 cases of 10,that foes have to be shoulder to shoulder in order to be hit (or if they have to be adjacent to you for your spell to work,you have to get this close)

    "Nearby":A distance of no more than a characters width is required (eg some air can exist between foes,but not a whole lot)

    then theres the third type,and the only example i can think of for this one is chain lightning,which hits "target foe and two additional nearby foes"

    I've found that this spells "nearby" radius is actually quite large...in fact its very large,and i've seen characters be hit when theres 4-5 persons width of air between target foe and where it strikes last. This spell is kind of tricky to observe though,because the lightning arcs between players,so target 3 can be a humongous distance away,if target 2 serve as a middle conductor.

    Best thing i can recommend is try em all...develop a feel for which are hard to hit multiple targets with,and which are not. I know for an example the spell "Channeling" appears to be very nice on paper (its wording is,unless im mistaken,"For XX seconds,whenever you cast a spell,you steal 1 energy from nearby foes") it does in fact turn out to be so that your foes have to be stacked on top of each other for it to work on multiple targets,and this is the use of the spell...stealing 1 energy from 1 foe at a time,each time you cast a spell...isnt terribly useful at all.

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    Thanks for the very exhaustive answer!!
    I guess I will follow your advice and try them all to develop a feel of how they work.

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    I was talking about Aftershock and Crystal Wave. They are both Point Blank AoE's

    /Aire :)

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    I had this question too so my guild and I did an experiment.

    "Adjacent foes" and "Touched foes" are those in melee range, while "Nearby" and "Near you" is melee upto about one model apart. A one model apart is if you have 4 characters models standing shoulder to shoulder in a line, the first model are nearby 2nd and 3rd but cannot affect the 4th model.


    If you are the #0, those #1s are "near you" or "nearby" while the #2s are out of ranged. I hope this is clear.

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