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    Does anyone besides me think Barrages should not end preps?

    Barrage would be such an awesome PVE skill if it did not end your prep. Why does ANET nuetuer the ranger oh so much. :( .

    I think this takes barrage from a useful skill to a useless one.

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    I agree, but you know if they made that change everyone that wasnt a ranger you be complaining that we are over powered and crap in PvP

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    Practiced Stance is your friend :)

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    hmm... Dont know what practiced stance is. Looking up now. Barage has no merrit in pvp. Mob skills are only good in pve.

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    Practiced Stance
    Description: For 20-32 seconds, your preparations are ready 50% faster and last 24%-45% longer. This is an elite skill.
    Energy Cost: 5
    Activation Time: None.
    Recharge Time: 15 Seconds.
    Linked Attribute Expertise. Increases duration and additional duration.
    Skill Type: Stance.

    Its basically for the 50% cooldown.. ye i know it doesn thelp much :'( Sorry lol. It just helps you get them out there faster, and lasting longer so u can fire off some nice powered up shots, while getting into a position for Barrage if need be. Aswell as elleviating some of your pain at losing preps
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    Barrage will not even use a prep with it. I tried ignite and barage and it did not use the ignite. And cant you only have one Elite on your skill bar at a time? I got barrage late last night and did not have much time to experiment.

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    ah ye. *smacks head on his shield* You're right my bad, I didnt put 1+1 = 2 elite skills. :'(

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    This game is lame in term of skills, skill slots ammount, number of elite skills on the bar.

    ANET really figured out how to force you to party up. It is really sad when you cant get a party cause you are discriminated against based on the fact that you are a ranger with bland no damage skills.

    I must say Fertile Season is uber. With 9 in beast mastery +230 health +24 armor for 42 seconds for the whole party.

    People should be inviting rangers more offten. Even though they can only get 30-40 damage per hit with max damage bow sundering string and kindle/penetrating. Ranger damage, PVE damage output, is a joke. I guess I am stuck with ignite and dual shot for mob damage. Sad.

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    As said if barrage would work with preps we would be way to overpowered. i mean imagine barrage with the preps we have. En-mass AoE from explosions, poison, fire anyone? all in a matter of a bow flight time.
    Also Chuxxx people currently see rangers as a weaker class, thats because alot of people who play them spread themselves to thin. You can get away with this with warriors as they can just tank they're not supposed to do the mass damage of an ele. Like mesmer's rangers are specialised and need to be specialised. When people realise and do this the problem can be solved.
    However it works to our advantage. Everyoen always underestimates you in pvp so you get to shock them before they have time to react :)
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    GWOnline.Net Member Celois's Avatar

    No, barrage is absolutely perfect right now. I use it ALL the time. 5 energy for +12 damage and hitting multiple targets? HELL YES. Couple that with Favorable Winds (arrows move 2x faster, deal +6 damage), Lighting Reflexes, Quickening Zephyr, and Zealous bow string and youre a damage dealing slaugheter house. It'd be way overpowered if you could use it with Apply Poison, Read of the wind, choking gas, ignite arrows, etc. Its PERFECT as it is, by far rangers most useful PvE Elite skill. Even in Tombs its still great.

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