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    Help Me choose between my 2 PvE chars. please!

    Hey! i love this game sooo much.
    I have a R/E12 and a W/Mo9, my ranger has made it to Lions Arch, but my warrior hasnt even made it to Yaks Bend. I like my ranger with his pet and all but i love my warrior's brute strength. I cant decide which one to level and get skills for... my goal is to farm in the underworld lol. Which one of these characters would be the strongest? I also PvP'd with these 2 combos to see which one is stronger, the ranger had awesome escape skills and the warrior could really pack a punch, please help me!

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    You know...why not try to divide the time you spend on both of them so that they're kind of equal. I have 4 PvE characters right now that I play relatively for the same times, though I do indeed have a "main" one. But I would suggest trying something like..play one one night and the other the next.

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    They'll hate you cuz you're beautiful...

    I would say to go with the Ranger, simply because Warrior Monks are a dime a dozen...
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    id go with a war/monk, honestly the most fun character in the game, always clicking skills,always attacking/receiving damage/and in the middle of all the **** ;)
    ps rangers are soo boring

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    GWOnline.Net Member Eragorn's Avatar

    It really depends on your fighting style, if you like to be in the action, taking damage and using alot of skills, then warrior is what u shud concentrate on, however if u like to be at the back, taking your time to make sure u use the right skills and keeping an eye on the whole situation then Ranger.

    If u really want to just farm underworld tho, then Joboo is right, warriors are just too common and take it from me, getting into a party can be very tough when uve got 10 other warriors looking to get into the same party.

    But keep both characters anyway, there will come a point when ull reach lvl 20 and find that there isnt much to do as ur lvl 20 apart from pvp, so in ur spare time u can lvl up the other char and unlock skills for those classes u havent already.

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