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    Max damage stats? etc.?

    Sorry search is not working.

    I am looking to find max damage for each type of weapon. And also max mininum damage.
    Sword 15-22? I think not sure on others

    Also what are the other maxes?
    Armour 85?
    Shield 16?
    grim crestia, etc +12?

    Thanks for any replies

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    Bows max dmg is 15-28.

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    on the frim ciesta i ran into someone who found a +15 one. :o
    axe is 6-28,

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    *cough* http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=346800

    Armor maximum is based on your class, but that's mentioned there as well.

    You're correct about shields maxing at 16 and cestas/foci maxing at 12.

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