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    Elite Restore Condition

    Has anyone found this Elite yet? It's the only one I'm missing (14/15 elites). I looked though some of the threads and havn't seen a mention. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Abbadon Mouth - Spindle Agonyvein - spider boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Tomiko
    Abbadon Mouth - Spindle Agonyvein - spider boss
    thanks :worship: , i'll check it out tomorrow.

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    i went to him like 5 times, put blindign flash and all sorts of condictions, yet he doesn't cast that elite

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    Thats because Restore Condition is target OTHER ally - meaning that he can't cast it on himself. You have to leave at least 1 minion alive and put conditions on him to make the boss use restore condition on him.

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    Thanks again Van Tomiko :worship: it was exactly where you said he would be. Took two trips with henchies but I got it. 15 of 15 Elites :clap:

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