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    A quick monk questions.

    I am stuck on what weapons to use for my monk. I am a healer primary monk, so I want to have the most energy I can have, with little penalties. I'm using the tattoo armour of course for the great enrgy bonus, but I need help on the next part. Which combo is better:

    Holy Rod with +27 Ankh with -1 Energy Regen

    Or Holy Staff with +15 Energy (5 from head) and 20% enchantments(Or some other wrapping)

    Or if you have any other weapon suggestions

    Thank You.
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    I never understood why so many monks are obsessed with having lots of energy.

    To me max energy has never been an issue, its the energy regen that matters if you ask me. Fights aren't short enough for a big stack of energy to be more important than regen.

    My suggestion, don't wield anything that lowers your energy regen. And preferebly have some nice mods in the items you do decide to wield that have a good chance of improving casting and/or recycle speed.

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