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    Angry European Random 4v4 Arena..

    Im having a break from the grudges of PvE and decide to stick my head into the PvP Arenas, looking for a good time.

    Win some loose some etc, all comes down to who you get put together with.

    But then one of these loud dyslectics troubled-teens comes in, either on your team, or on the enemy team.

    The match starts off by the teams, getting at eachother, and of course, as a monk, 1 or 2 W/Whatever sticks my ***, so I put on Storm Chaser, and jog around my team throwning in healing breezes where its needed etc, and the freaking W/Whatever's start spamming the chat with "Ogm nob runer stop nob!" .. Yes, avoding melee as a monk is "noob", get a grip :/

    Or you can find some W/Mo takes off Sprinting around the arena for 20 minutes, after all on his team have released and such.

    Or the most common, even these days, getting banged down, and finding out, not one of your team members have Resurrection Signet.
    Asking for a res might result in: "wtf im not a monk stop whining lol!" or "Ressurection Signet? duuh!"

    So i was wondering; Does Americans have it the same way on their Random PvP(20) Arena?

    Anyways, this was the last time i sat my foot in that Arena, not PvP'ing again until my monk get's to Tomb.
    One less whiner for the people, less headache and teeth-grinding for me ^^

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    Yes, the random 4v4 American PvP Arena's are just as bad, if not worse. I despise going there. I only go there when I feel masochistic, otherwise I try and do Tombs (which, when it comes to getting into random groups, isn't all that much better).

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    Arena is full of noobies who can't win in tombs, what do you expect?

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    4on4 random is funny.

    when your a healing monk, you are never without a healer. most of the enemy teams are without healer. easy pickings. boring in fact. :o

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