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Thread: Mesmer Mirror

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    Mesmer Mirror

    1. Backfire
    2. Interrupt of your choice
    3. Ether Lord
    4. Energy Drain
    5. Energy Tap
    6. Mind Wrack
    7. Ether Feast
    8. Spirit Shackles

    It's extremely easy to beat a mesmer-based mirror if you know how AI works. To make a long story short it recognizes that Backfire is the best bet for killing you off and will almost always lead off with it. Here's the process you use to beat it.

    Go into the battle with your trigger finger on your interrupt. As soon as he gets into range he'll start casting backfire, and at that point all you have to do is interrupt. Then use Energy Drain and Energy Tap. Chances are he'll use his interrupt on your energy tap, making him susceptible to the next bit.

    Put Spirit Shackles on him and then cast Ether Lord. Keep using those two as necessary, and once you notice he's stopped casting spells start putting mind wrack on him. With it pumped up all the way mine does 100 damage a cast and you can cast it every few seconds. Just keep your mirror starved and keep wracking him and he's toast.

    Coincidentally, this is almost the same build I use against monks in PVP :0)

    Let me know what you think.

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    it works, but i just simply load on these spells

    1. Hex breaker
    2. Imagined Burden
    3. Ressurection Signet
    4. Signet of capture
    5. 6. 7. 8.
    4 other stuff that do not really do anything, load up on resses if you're part monk. Nature rituals if you're part ranger, a buncha stances if you're warrior etc.

    At the beginning of the match use hex breaker, then he will spend his time trying to cast imagined burden on you which has a pretty lengthy cast time and will be doing nothing as you attack him. Of course the hex fails because of hex breaker and he takes damage, you then recast hex breaker and keep attacking him, soon enough hell try casting it again and will get hurt. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Irving's Avatar

    I have Me/Mo and just use the monk so i can take rez really, but for the mirror, as id done it before as a primary monk I took all monk skills, pacifism... then buff yourself... then just lay on the monk smiting prayers but make sure you dont have any healing prayers, the match is so quick, lasted about 14 seconds

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    GWOnline.Net Member echidna's Avatar

    Guys please, its so much easier than that. You can beat your mirror with a mere 3 skills in about 7 seconds. (assuming you have a high illusion skill)

    take off everything, and add illusion of weakness, conjure phantasm, and phantom pain.

    walk into the battle cast conjure phantasm and then phantom pain, then DO NOT ATTACK. your mirror will cast illusion of weakness right at the beginning, and as long as you deal no damage to him illusion of weakness will not trigger. This means that he looses 2/3 of his health at the start, while you loose none, then its just a race with the -7 health degen from the other two spells, a race in which you have a huge head start.

    We mesmers got lucky on the mirror battle thats for sure :happy14:

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    I feel that filling your bar with useless skills is sort of a cheap way to get past the mirror. If you aren't skilled enough to defeat yourself on fair terms, you don't deserve to ascend :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I kind of agree, okay, if you have been trying for a long time but just to do it as fast as possible....

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    GWOnline.Net Member echidna's Avatar

    Thing is though, its never fair terms, since your mirror has better armour and more hp than you to begin with.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    How would he have more hp and better armour then you? Isn't he just clone of you? Don't say any spoilers, since i just became a member of the white capes or so, though its kinda eassy to see somethings fishy is going on

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    GWOnline.Net Member echidna's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Gwyndion
    How would he have more hp and better armour then you? Isn't he just clone of you? Don't say any spoilers, since i just became a member of the white capes or so, though its kinda eassy to see somethings fishy is going on
    Well this is not exactly proven, but from what i hear from my guild leader who playerd hardcore since the first beta, only his skills mirror yours. This is backed up since when i fought him with the 227hp "head start" it was still a very close match. Since our only offensive spells were conjure phantasm and phantom pain we both had 7 pips of health degen, this indicates that i had to burn through more of his hp then he did mine.

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    Why so difficult?

    Backfire, Wastrel's Worry, don't take any interrupts. If you backfire before he does, then follow up with a wastrel's, you're set. Killed him in under 10 seconds. :D

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