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    i dont use word of healing

    thats right, i use dwayna's kiss in place of word.

    i have taken word of healing plenty of times, but am always disappointed. it claims to heal for a nice amount when people are below 50%. so to me that says "completely wasted unless people are under 50%".

    my biggest problem with word of healing, is most likely due to lag or something. but i find that it heals for the bonus amount, only when the target is under about 30% health, judging by the proportion of their healthbar. but i have also experienced this when people have been ressurected with very low hp and word still doesnt do the trick (on rare occasions). is it just me, or is there something buggy with it?

    dwayna's kiss is the obvious replacement, but is actually very handy if you have a team with enchantments and a protecter monk. you see your buddy in the heat, he is likely to be littered with hex and dwayna's kiss is guaranteed to heal for over 100. quite often i find it healing for around 150 in pvp. it also has the bonus of a faster cooldown to word. naturally you will orison anyone who has no enchantment or hex at the time, so the low heal at first glance is completely void. you also get to choose another elite skill.

    some time ago on these boards people were talking about signet of devotion. i have never used this skill, surely by the time it has finished casting, you have enough energy to spam an orison. which is also more effective because it actually receives the divine favor boost.
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