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    I want to change my secondary profession

    I have a lvl 20 N/R.
    my plan is:
    use blood spells to drain health
    use curses for hex
    use bow for damage output
    (both in PvE and PvP)

    but i found that if i want to do some damage from bow skills,
    wilderness survival is needed as well, otherwise the damage is not much more than the damage dealed by a wand(it's faster and i can have off hand bonus).
    it costs to much, and another problem is i rarely have time to prepare and shot because of being busy casting necro spells.

    i have tryed to change marksmanship to beast mastery. but it takes too much slots for the pet's skill and assistances.

    i am very confused now. :( it was said that i can change my secondary profession in a quest. does it mean i have to recollect all secondary profession skills?
    can someone tell me about the detail please?
    or any advice please...

    otherwise i am going to create a new N/E i guess...

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    re:change my secondary profession

    may i ask another question instead

    1.to create a new character
    2.to travel to the hero's audiance and change my secondary profession(i am in Arora Glade now)

    which way is easier(or faster)?

    thank you for answering. :winking47

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    Well once you finish all 3 quests for Aurora you can then do quests to change your proffesion. You will start with 0 skills in it. You can unlock about 10 basic skills if you then go back to ascalon and yak's bend and do proffesion quests (super easy at this point). Then you can just pick and choose a few skills that you want from the secondary and spend skill points on em.

    If you go back and start another char well it'll take you as much time as it took to get to where you are now but you'll have alot more skills unlocked for the other proffesion so really pick what suits you best.

    I chose the Hero's Challenge way for my N/W to go to N/Mo and i'm much happier for that.

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