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    Lightbulb a theory about mixing dyes...

    i dunno if this topic belongs here, but i can see nowhere else. and mixing dyes is only availible with pve characters. so...here goes the "theory" ...we all know black dye is the rarest right? and alot of people wants it? well then if we look at the color spectrum, blue and orange are opposites so they should make black :surprise: see where am going? im still a noob, have never gotten orange or anyother color that are opposite(strangely im only getting purple and silver, and occasionally blue :confused: ) so...will the mixing between blue and orange make black or some color along the line of red? and what about red/green? and i think there are others...i cant recall all the colors there are right now.

    btw i heard there was a color mixer somewhere, but i cant find it... :(
    i think this will solve the problem of lack of black dyes...if that IS a problem...

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    from my experimentation i have found that mixing dyes together in ways that might make a black (red + green + blue and red + yellow + blue) just produces different shades of brown.

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    I was curious about mixing contrasting colors myself, and I tried it with blue and orange. What I got was a less saturated orange, which makes sense. I am still confused about how mixing colors works in this game...you have to take in consideration a great many things, like which color to put into which (it makes a difference), how the saturation of the color will play into the mix, etc. It doesn't always seem to work the way I wanted it to. I haven't played around with mixing dyes a lot yet, but someday, when I have enough cash to spare...
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    a link to a chart

    Here is a link to another forum that shows a break-out of mixing and talks alot about the mixing phenomina. http://www.guildwarsguru.com/forum/s...ghlight=mixing

    Funny thing is the first link in that thread is back here. :D

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    Ah, so this is where that link is hiding. Most likely an admin is gonna remove the link due to this forums information-backwards rules.

    What I find funny is that the linked forum doesn't have a problem being linked to gwonline.net, yet gwonline.net has a problem linking to another forum/site.

    Thanks for the link. Thats one of the most helpful forum posts i've seen in a long time. Theres so many links and information shared in that topic it's a perfect example to what the internet can offer and what this site could become if they only lifted their competitive link ban.

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    this is purely an opinion:

    people are going to have to get used to related sites referring to each other. we are people sharing information and we're -going- to share it regardless of whether it takes place on one GW forum or on another. if that means we have to link to a "competing" site (not that anybody is being -paid- for every visit!) to give people that information, then that's what we're going to do. if such links are deleted, we're going to have to repost copies of entire threads just so the rest of us can see them. the information will be known.
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    The color wheel / opposites cancelling out only works with light; as mentioned with real paints it makes browns of various shades.

    edit: Also, agreeing with the prohibition of "competing sites." No, they're not competing - they're extra sites all trying to cooperate and make the guild wars community cohesive. This makes me want to leave gwonline for other forums now ;)

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    lol :D its amazing how fast topics can change... :happy65:

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    well, i don't think i've seen a link to the GWG forums deleted, personally. it's just an opinion about the world in general. on an only slightly related note, i found out today that Kwik Trip has a policy that employees cannot be related to employees of competing businesses. fascinating.

    more importantly, it seems, according to that GWG thread, that dye mixing generally works on the basis of light (because it uses some directx color interface for light). however, i know from my own experiments that red + green + blue produces brown. argh~

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    In the visible light spectrum, black isn't even a color.

    Black is the absence of light, hence mixing any colors together shouldn't yield black.

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