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    Advice for a build: PvP

    I'm working on a pure mesmer build for PvP and I was wondering if anyone here could offer me any advice. I've managed to pick up just about every mesmer skill in the game at this point, so changing skills isn't a problem.

    Here is the build

    Fast Cast 7 (boosted + 1)
    Domination 12 (boosted + 1)
    Inspiration 8 (boosted + 2)
    Smiting 11

    You may notice there are a LOT of points in smiting prayers (I used a lot of smiting for damage in PvE), I'm trying to figure out which mesmer stats would be the best to put them in for PvP. I figure more in fast casting would be good so I am less likely to get interrupted, but was wondering if there would be any benifit from puttin some in to illusion and then using arcane conundrum. It doesn't seem useful to raise domination any higher since the gains at this point are fairly small.

    My skill set is as follows:
    Energy Tap - To regain energy
    Backfire - For stopping monks
    Echo (Elite) - For conintued casts of Energy Tap/Backfire
    Power Drain - Interrupt/Energy Regen
    Drain Enchatment - To get healing enchatments off of my target and to restore my energy
    Hex Breaker - Protection from other mesmers/necros
    Shatter Hex - In case someone gets through hex breaker
    Wastrel's Worry - In case the caster I backfire doesn't want to cast a spell

    As it is, my current strategy involves echoing backfire at the start of the round and staggering 2 backfires on the same target for 20 seconds of damage when they cast. Then use wastrel's to harrass them into casting while I drain enchantment and energy tap to get back energy from the 2 backfires. Sometimes I find that shatter hex is useful when our monk is under pressure as it hits the enemy warriors pretty hard, and Power Drain if the monk (or sometimes an elementalist) casts a laggy spell. When I run low on energy, I echo the enery tap and use it on the highest priority target a few times.

    I hope this wasn't too lengthy. I want to see what some other people think of this build. I'm contemplating changing some spells up like restore life (fast casting) or more enchatment removals/interrupts.

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    if you are going to echo backfire use arcane echo instead so you wont be wasting a chance for another elite.

    Instead of hex breaker, use inspired hex so you can use the skill back at the target and gain energy

    Instead of wastrels worry, use Shield of judgement as protection from warrior if you get chased or to help someone being attacked by warriors.

    Put smiting down a notch to 10 and add the rest to inspiration

    If youre not comfortable with this, reply back and I will help with further adjustments.

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    Thanks, I'll try this out and see how it works. (Though I have to go out and capture Sheild of Judgement first.)

    I think the inspired hex is a good idea, but I'm worried about the arcane echo casting cost of 15 energy. If I use it on backfire to double cast that's 45 energy total. I've only got 42 energy with an icon plus my current armor, though I suppose I could switch to enchanter armor...

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    probally the best is chaning energy tap for energy drain, or maybe using migraine.. Both work great,

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    i guess if energy is a problem you can add more inspiration from the points in smiting and use energy drain

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    Play Testing Results

    Alright I took a trek through mineral springs earlier and picked up shield of judgement and went to Tombs to test out how this build worked.

    With the extra points in inspiration magic I found that I actually didn't have that big of an energy problem, rather, there were some instances where I had to wait for my skills to recharge in order to use the energy I had ammased. Power Drain gave me a HUGE ammount of energy, as did all the other inspiration spells.

    Arcane echo is a little pricier energy-wise than the elite skill echo, but I found that if I used it in the right situations, it served more or less the same purpose. So that worked out well.

    I did miss having hex breaker a few times while I was playing, especially when I got backfire cast on me (and had to use inspired hex to remove it and STILL take the 100+ damage). Though after removing it I had another cast of backfire at my disposal without having to use arcane echo which was nice. Additionally inspired hex seems to be one of the most FUN hex removal spells around since in a few matches I was able to remove mesmer hexes that had attributes like domination and inspiration...

    Sheild of Judgement was kind of awkward to get used to at first, but I found it was invaluable for running away from warriors who realized what I was up to. I wasn't fast enough to save the monk most of the time, but I think that's just my reflexes.

    There's still one skill I'm having problems with. I took out shatter hex and tried Shame instead (it seemed redundant to have 2 hex breakers when I had inspired hex). For some reason whatever spell I put in that slot never gets used. I've tried using diverson in that slot too, but none of them seem to really mesh well with the build. Any suggestions?

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