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    Manta of recovery & FastCasting

    Could someone please tell me the difference between fast casting and manta of recovery?

    Does fast casting do anything by itself, or are you required to use the manta?

    If they are different, do they stack?
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    Fast Casting makes the spells actually cast faster. I.e. the bar for casting Ether Feast fills faster with more fast casting.

    I imagine Mantra of Recovery would make spells recharge faster. i.e. the little clcok that says when Ether Feast can be used again goes faster with this in effect.

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    a spell has a cast time (the time between when you first hit the skill within casting range up to when the skill actually activates) and a recharge time (the amount of time before you are going to be able to use it again)

    Fast casting speeds up the cast time
    Mantra of Recovery puts you in a state where your spells will recharge faster
    -and how long mantra of recovery will be active depends on how much fast casting attribute you have.

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