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    Guests In Private Forum

    dunno if it is alarming to others but there are guest in the private forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by plottski
    dunno if it is alarming to others but there are guest in the private forums
    Who are they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diabolico x64
    Who are they?

    err i dunno it sayes (viewing 1member 1 guest) as to who that is i don't know

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    I think it may be a Mod but, that is a guess.

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    Well i know it could be a member that just simply not be signed in, but of course it could be people that don't want to be seen, at the time i was the member online

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    I thought that you had to be signed in to view the private area.

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    If you log out from your account whilst you are in the private forum it will not display your name anymore, but display you as guest. You won't be able to read the forums anymore though, but that mark will stay up there about 15 minutes I think.

    I sometimes log out this way, you could have just seen me leaving.


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    You don't have to be logged in to see the private forum. You just have to know the password.

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    Its most likely Glory. I'm not sure if you've all been told about forum accounts or not so i'll leave that for xirc. But if its only ever the 1 it'll be Glory.
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    I know a few weeks ago, I couldn't remember my password so I was logged into the private forums as "guest". Finally recalled what my password was so.... :)

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