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    Need Help With Build for PVP TOMBS..

    Okay here we go.
    I finally broke down and decided to ask for help. I usually like to figure things out for myself but, nothing I do is working. I am a W/MO now and tried several secondary's and alot of different Builds. And found I keep getting my butt hadded to me in the Tombs.

    I realize the importance of a Team working together and just cant seem to find a Build that helps out the Team in the tombs. I feel that my warrior is shutdown by the opponents all the time and I cant do anything to help. Even if we win I feel my part was not done and i only got there because everyone else was just that good and pulled me along with them.

    I have tried Sword,Axe and hammer all max dmg weapons, baseing skills as adrenline to keep power for other stuff etc.....im sure you all have heard it before with so many W/MO out there. Maybe Im just missing something and that 1 thing can be the key to success.

    Can Someone help me with a direct build for my W/MO. Im looking to be a valuable W/MO to a team and do my part. And maybe finally win in the HoH at sometime. So if anyone has a successful W/MO build for the PVP Tombs please share before I /dance my way to death.

    Thanks in Advance for all your help.

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    Don't use Healing.
    Max out your weapon attribute and try to get a superior rune for it. If you absolutely want the best be prepared to pay 180k for a superior vigor and superior absorption. Buy a fortitude upgrade that gives +30 health and a weapon that gives +15% damage when health is above 50%.
    Use one of the helmets that gives +1 on your weapon attribute and use strength of Honor for Axes and Swords (buy a zealous axe / sword upgrade) and judges insight for hammer.
    Use the gladiators armor.
    Use stonefist gauntlets if you choose hammer.

    that's it.

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    I occasionally bring my PvE Warrior/Monk to the Tombs for some PvP when I get sick of using my PvP Monk. Best advise I can give to you is find out what other skills the group is using. Bring Mend Ailment to cure yourself of Blind and other such annoying things. Remember that Bleeding and Deep Wound does not stack. If you are grouping with other warriors find out what weapons they are using. If you are grouped with another warrior using swords, one of you decide to sever and gash, the other hamstring.

    You have 8 skill slots. You need to get the maximum benefit from them that you can, and the key to that is finding out what other skills the team is using and trying to figure out what will be useful to bring along. A lot of random pick-up groups will have a lot of wasted skill slots as they will simply be over writing each others enchantments, conditions, or hexes.

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    The atmostphere in HoH these days is such that Warriors are not in the best of positions. A lot of the winning groups are using some form of 3 aeromancer + 3 Monk. With both Aegis and Ward against melee. With those too things cycling a warrior isnt going to be able to contribute much.

    If you are in one of those groups (they often use 1 warrior):
    - Make sure to bring sprint for all relic runs
    - As W/Mo its imperative that you do the rezzing. Rez Signet + a Multi Rez is even called for.
    - Get your team to use iron mist and enchant your weapon with lightning dmg
    - Having Hammer for Knockdown is probably best as DMG output isnt really a concern for these groups
    - An alternative to W/Mo would be W/E with Lightning Orb and Maybe Lightning strike for some added nukes

    When Facing the FotM groups:
    - Maybe try bringing the attacks that cant be evaded
    - Again you need to be the primary rezzer. they are not ogoing to be looking for you first and thus might not intterupt you immediately.
    - Here I think damage output is more of a concern cause you need to get through their monks Asap (so sword would be better assuming you have most of the skills)
    - Maybe try subbing Mesmer for distract or someother disable

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